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Author Topic: Castlevania Dracula/Soma reincarnation clarification  (Read 854 times)


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Castlevania Dracula/Soma reincarnation clarification
« on: June 30, 2017, 02:29:47 pm »
Just a question regarding Dracula's reincarnation in Aria/Dawn of Sorrow. If they are going from a Buddhistic principle, I would assume that Soma would have Dracula's soul, but not have access to all his memories? If some souls are strong enough, i know they can be split and inhabit more than one person. However in Dawn of Sorrow, Dmitrii mentioned touching his soul and scanning his past lives. Just trying to get clarification since I'm writing a story for a Dawn of Sorrow sequel dealing with Soma regaining control after the bad ending in Dawn of Sorrow when he is defeated in Julius mode.