Super Mario Bros - The Movie Game (Super Mario Bros. 2 hack)

Started by KirkyMonster, July 02, 2017, 10:40:49 PM

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So hows the hack coming. I remember you were vonna try to add some smb1 music.


Wow, I actually forgot that I had begun building a Bowser Version of Mario 2 back in the day. I think it has actually been 2 years since I worked on that project.
Back then I hadn't even started the Cadence project yet. I am glad the sprite got used. Back then I didn't have the  knowledge that I have now so the project basically got put on a back burner never seeing the light of day.
I even managed to get the Underground song from Mario 3 put into it.
Who knows, Maybe some day I will try that project again.  :thumbsup:


Wait what,I didn't know you were working on a Mario Nes Hack before you tackled CoA and Metroidvania,that interests me! X3


I have still been working on this project and it's about %60 complete. I still need to change a few more levels and come up with a coupe ideas to improve a couple bosses.


Make Big Bertha a Boss!

As for the Title Screen, make it similar to the movie one.

S U  P  E R

something like that.
Keep this up, man! You're the greatest!


For some reason that I have forgot I started this hack using Super Mario Bros. USA not Super Mario Bros. 2 so I dobn't have enough room to change the title screen around. Otherwise I would have to hack all of the levels again into a new project.