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Site: RHDN 3.0 Site Refresh Launched!

Started by RHDNBot, June 23, 2017, 06:06:50 PM

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Quote from: Chronosplit on June 27, 2017, 12:51:33 AM
All the latest lists also have a list of latest updates where you'll find this, click see more to find it.  The submission queue also has these since a recent update.  In the new layout, the right sidebars farther down will show all updates for the last 30 days.

The reasons are disabled for mobile now in the new layout though.

Cool. Thanks. I'll look for it myself.

Edit: Found it.

Edit: It only has the last 30 days. Oh well.


Quote from: lexluthermiester on June 26, 2017, 06:38:36 AM
Liking the new format. Looks very good! Still clean and easy to use but with some key enhancements. Miss the darker blue theme though[RHDN Pro], it's easier on the eye's and simply classic RHDN. And if I may suggest HTTPS? Remember reading that it was being worked on but can't remember what the difficulty was. With hacking and MITM attacks becoming more and more prevalent, it would seem very wise to start using it. If there is a cost to making it happen, maybe setup a Patreon so we all can offer donations to the running costs and upkeep of the site.

Especially like the screen shot for new projects! Very cool touch.
Yeah, yeah. I made a post earlier in this thread voicing my opinions on this new design on the desktop computer. But recently I've taken a look at it on a mobile smartphone and, needless to say, I'm quite disappointed. The information/content feel very restricted. Selecting on a menu option to open up a drop-down menu is a bit clumsy as it usually may be on a smartphone - I needed to wait for an external menu (browser's menu) to pop up before moving my finger around the outside and then clicking on a sub-menu. Very clumsy of course. But checking the submissions page I see no 'Reasons' category like the others have pointed out.

But I want to make a complaint about this new design on the desktop computer that should be addressed, IMO. Every day whenever I come onto it it always opens up in the new design when I thought it should be permanently set on the old RHDN Pro theme as I selected back then. I have to do this every day. It's a bit annoying.


This default theme is very bad and should be changed. It is too bright, the front page and entry texts are squeezed unnecessarily and the forum is NOT squeezed enough and is hard to read because of that.

Like the above post mentions, theme change doesn't work very well. Even if it did, there is no reason to scare the remaining 99% of people away.

While the pro theme is slightly worse than the setup before it, it would still make an acceptable default theme compared to this.


I never knew what she meant until the RHDN theme upgrade.


seriously? that's the person you quote? really?


Quote from: Isao Kronos on June 27, 2017, 06:27:44 PM
seriously? that's the person you quote? really?

Whoever they are, they sound pretty sexist. I wouldn't be surprised if there were also racist and voted for SOPA.

Spinner 8

Quote from: xnamkcor on June 27, 2017, 08:57:40 PM
Whoever they are, they sound pretty sexist. I wouldn't be surprised if there were also racist and voted for SOPA.

now you've done it filler


Quote from: Spinner 8 on June 27, 2017, 09:22:05 PM
now you've done it filler
Heh, yep. Once the ad hominems start, you know you've pushed a button. ;)


There's a small learning curve with the changes, but really it's the colour scheme. This white background is just to bright and hard on the eyes. That's about it for me. I like everything else.

To be fair, I haven't tried mobile mostly because I'm a bit of a screen snob. Phone & phablet screens are to small and cramped for my liking. 1080p or better, at least a 10" screen on a device with a physical keyboard or I'm out..


Quote from: nesrocks on June 24, 2017, 10:58:16 AMI really don't get the complaints. The links are all there and are the same. If you can't see because you're still using 1024x wide monitors... you can scroll. And if you're on a cell phone... Why do you want to browse hacks on the cell phone? Do you have roms and a patcher on mobile?

I don't know about cell phones, but on a tablet yes. The left-hand pane was handy for navigation.

Quote from: mziab on June 24, 2017, 07:56:02 AMSpeaking of mobile navigation, I personally think the Message Board should be a top-level entry instead of being hidden away under Community. The forums are probably the most often used section of RHDN, at least from my experience, so it would make sense to have it easily accessible even in mobile mode.

This, at least.

As with others, I much prefer the old default theme. I've managed to change back for the forum, but I still think it would be better to have the old theme (or something like it) set to default for the entire site.


Every time I come here now I think I've mistakenly surfed into the SMB showcase. :P
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Ha! That was unexpected! Congratulations on the new layout, I like it. :)

It is reassuring to see the RHDN Staff still cares for its Community.
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I've never seen the first layout, but I see that they were going for a remake of it.


To describe in 2 words - colourful mess. Too much colourful pictures, they are distracting, also what you could access from just opened page before you need to scroll to now(utilities, docs). Other than that 2 columns on the right ruins symmetry and makes design overloaded. Big gaps on left and right(in 1080p) isn't a good thing, if there is free space main, now not central, column should be stretched(as well as being shrunk with lower resolution). As for themes - probably 2.0's themes will be ported to new design so I'm not worried about that.
I'll describe how I see it:
Top section - as is in 3.0 with drop down menus;
Left section - 2.0's right section(newest hacks, translations, utilities, etc.);
Right section - all that social stuff(I don't care about, but probably needed);
Bottom section - carousel sliders with small imaes of featured stuff(won't fit more then 2-4).

Sorry for being harsh, but design makes me want to avoid visiting RHDN, which I don't want to.

P.S. @Sara-chan, it's very pleasant that you found my old Emumetal theme good. Done in plain notepad and PS with little knowledge of CSS and Nightcrawler being amazed(to say it mildly) on how much errors validator gave him ::) Though those was just missing ";" mostly, eh, some memories... Thanks, I also always used only that one, thought others will grow on me, but they didn't quite. Still liked Metroid theme, Jazzy and those tribute ones. Guess other theme of mine, Technofatal wasn't liked by anyone at all :P


ExL: For what it's worth, TechnoFatal was my favorite theme here. I actually threw together a small Chrome extension to add it back to the new layout (mostly to learn how to make Chrome extensions, but I liked the color combinations).


Wow, that's surprising to hear, when I last looked at list of forum themes there was like 3 users of EmuMetal and 0 of TechnoFatal(not that it was much more previously) :o Yeah, colours there surely stand out, being so bright, they were the whole purpose :laugh: Orange and dark grey with bit of silver looking surprisingly good, but with time going forth I've shifted more and more to dark themes everywhere. Even though both are non modern at all and if I done 'em now they'd look slicker and plainer there's still some charm in them for me :-[
Thanks, USC, you cheered me up greatly :thumbsup:


Yeah, I really miss EmuMetal. I didn't have any sort of backup of it to make an extension or anything myself, sadly! It was the perfect balance of elements for me.
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Isn't that crazy?


For some reason the site doesn't seem to remember when I change the front-page theme.

I select "RHDN Pro" and sure enough, the rhdnstyle cookie is set to "romh". The expiration date for the cookie is set for 1 year. Everything works as intended... until I close the browser. When I visit the front page, the rhdnstyle cookie is automatically set to "boss". I've been able to reproduce this with different browsers and devices, so it doesn't seem to be caused by my browser config and/or extension.

Another thing I noticed is that when you switch to the RHDN Pro theme, a piece of code from javascript.js tries to use jQuery and fails (since it's not loaded with the old theme). This is the code in question, loaded from

$('.resp-sharing-button__link').on('click', function()
{,'', 'menubar=no, toolbar=no, resizable=yes, scrollbars=yes,height=600, width=600');
return false;

Bahamut ZERO

I just realized the Metroid theme still exists.

THANK GOD.  :woot!:

If anyone doesn't like the default theme on the forums, try the Metroid theme. Doesn't feel like you're a deer in headlights when you first sign on, and everything's quite legible.

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None of us may have heard about the original layout, only the second. I'm bond of this new layout because it's a remake of what the site originally looked like. If you've been here since the launch of this site, you know what I'am talking about.