ROM Hacks: Void's Blitzarre Adventure: a complete Fire Emblem romhack

Started by RHDNBot, July 28, 2017, 05:20:35 AM

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Update By: Darrman

Void's Blitzarre Adventure, a completed Fire Emblem romhack. While discussing the ins and outs of hacking, some members of Fire Emblem Universe, a Fire Emblem romhacking site, had the idea of attempting to complete a full, 30-chapter romhack in one single week. After the week had passed, the hack was completed. After a few more days of polishing after the week, the hack is now in a presentable state.

Some of the hackers had made ASM modifications beforehand and took this opportunity to implement them in a finished product. As a result, this hack has some significant quality of life improvements, such as being able to press Select to view enemy range on the map and viewing unit growth rates on the status screen, and being allowed to see combat stats when the animations are disabled. Most notably, the hack has added skills, similar to the 3DS Fire Emblem games, into the Game Boy Advance Fire Emblem engine.

The plot is a simple one: the protagonist, Void, had her country conquered and will fight anyone that is in her way to the Demon King himself. Blocking Void's path to old Fomortiis are thirty chapters created by several hackers, each with different approaches to chapter design and including moments to make the chapters memorable, ranging from innovative escort missions to difficult fog battles to sailing on the high seas.

The aesthetics of the game have also been freshened up, with a new status screen background, custom battle palettes for many characters, and new battle music sourced from some of the other Fire Emblem games. But at its core, the gameplay is still the same Fire Emblem that many know and love.

This hack is based on Sacred Stones, not Blazing Sword. One must apply the patch to the correct rom for it to work correctly. And most importantly, enjoy the hack.

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