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Started by Nightcrawler, December 30, 2005, 08:48:19 PM

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Hey everyone! Pleased to meet you all. I've been a fan of the 16 bit era for as long as I can remember.
I really wanted to sincerely thank you all for your hard work and dedication to the scene. Some of my favorite hacks include the Super Arthur Patch (Ghouls and Ghosts), Ghostbusters: Special Edition (Sega Genesis), and the Breath of Fire 2 Retranslation (Ryusui's translation).

I've never created any hacks before myself, but perhaps I'll try it out one of these days!

I'm really interested in learning how to hack Super Return of the Jedi. It would be fun to port Boba Fett from Super Empire into this game (replacing the boss of the sail barge stage). While I'm at it, I'd like to throw a shield powerup or two into that final death star escape for good measure!

At the moment, I'm reading some of the site's information on the basics of hex editing and how Tile Layer Pro works. My smooth brain will eventually get a handle on these things.

Kurayami Mari

Hello, all! New to the forums but not new to using your site. It's been my-go for many years now :) I'm here because I'm translating a PC-98 game but ran into some hiccups (I already posted in the appropriate thread).

Nice to meet you all ;D


Hello I am Adam, I am part of Polish NES/Famicom/Pegasus community, looking for some help with hacking Contra.
Been using the site for years, never registered on the forums. Happy to be here  :thumbsup:


Hello everyone, My name is Nathan, But everyone calls me Nugbone. I am 35 years old. Growing up i loved playing video games, But as i got older I realized some of the games i used to play were way to easy, So i wanted to make them harder. I have been into emulation for about 6 years now. I recently started getting into Romhacking. I have finished my first hack of The Legend Of Zelda- A Link To The Past. I will be submitting it very soon.

I am also a music producer and dj. I thought joining this forum could maybe be beneficial. I could potentially meet some new friends and bounce ideas for new hacks to make. I am now currently working on a pokemon Romhack. I just wanted to kind of drop a bit of info on who i am and what i am about.


Hey There, i'm Archie, but you may call me Vyxi. I'm a 17 (18 in 1,5 months) year old Russian gamer who is interested in romhacking. I'm an amateur artist and a decent musician. I'm also a romhacking beginner. I have discovered the existence of romhacks when i was 8-9 years old and constantly enjoyed to play them, especially Super Mario and Mega Man romhacks. Back when i was a kid, i had a dream to make romhacks, now it's granted, as i have planned many romhacks to make.
bob [._.]


I'm a user originated from Gamejolt (or Animatron). And since the release of Man-Pac (a Ms. Pac-Man hack) I always wanted to make the best hacks possible.  :P


Hi all I'm NostalgicGaming64 and glad to be here. I've been gaming for nearly 30 years and am a Nintendo fanboy, to say the least. I plan to start a YouTube channel very soon under the name Nostalgic Gaming. I'm interested in rom hacks and becoming a part of the community. I'm an IT guy by day and have a little bit of coding experience with C#, JavaScript, and C.

Anyway, looking forward to meeting you guys/gals  :angel:  8)


Hello! I'm Giovanni. Pronounced Joe-vanni, not Geo-vanni (but really, I won't bite if you pronounce it Geo-vanni).

I come from the Sonic Hacking scene for the SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis, and, of course, I'm a die-hard Sonic fan. Ironically, Sonic is what got me into programming in the first place, and what got me a job in IT!

Anyway, I've built up several years of experience, racking up plenty of knowledge about the inner workings of the Sonic games for the Mega Drive, as well as the Mega Drive itself.

Most in the Sonic hacking scene know me for having created the "Score Rush" series of Sonic ROM hacks, but I also like to dabble around in level design, which was my initial reason for starting hacking Sonic.

I can't really promise activity within this forum, and my technical knowledge outside of the Sonic games is actually pretty lacking, but hopefully, I can either find myself expanding my tastes in retro gaming and hacking, and maybe helping other people get better at Sonic hacking. If you'd like, feel free to reach out! You can also find me on the RHDN Discord server under the "giovanni.gen" handle!

It's Joe-vanni, not Geo-vanni. 


Hi, I'm maj. It sounds like the first half of magic. I've been a software engineer for more years than I want to admit. I'm just beginning with rom hacks and arm-thumb assembly. I'm mainly hacking the gen 1-3 Pokemon games to add some quality of life features and making a couple funny hacks.
I'm kinda erratic on hobby projects like these. I get a bunch of energy and ideas that I pour into one, then hop to another when I get bored. So, I try to push updates frequently when I'm making changes.


Hello there,

I'm Gelmir and I came from the forums. Completely new at hacks, I only just patched and played my first rom and am looking forward to playing more. Another reason for me to register here, is to see if I can find someone who is interested in patching Jurassic Park for Sega Mega Drive / Genesis. I will check if I'm allowed to make a topic for that soon.