SRT Og Saga: Endless Frontier Exceed (NDS) - Full Translation Project

Started by Hotaru, June 13, 2017, 07:24:06 AM

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A full translation project has started for Super Robot Taisen Og Saga: Endless Frontier Exceed (Mugen No Frontier Exceed).
The main script has being hacked and I am able to insert the translated text.
First, thanks to Nagato, it has been possible because of him.

Videos from the last betas:




The staff is full but we could need another japanese translator, so who wants to join this project is welcome!
So if you want to join this project, let me know it and we can talk by PM.

Translation Project History
This will be an English/Spanish translation, so we will release a patch with both languages.
13/06/2017 - The project has started. Looking for japanese translators
30/06/2017 - The staff is full! We have already started to translate the main script
13/08/2017 - 13 files in 2 months. Its going very good.
08/09/2017 - We keep going, but we need another Japanese translator
17/10/2017 - More files have been translated. Two videos have been published. Still looking for more Japanese translators
10/01/2018 - Added a new video from the last beta. Thanks, Valkyrie.
21/02/2018 - To see the current status of the project, Valkyrie has created this map :P

Current status (English Version): Translating the main script
65/168 files ready for testing ingame.

Natolom         - Main japanese fan translator
Valkyrie         - Endless Frontier/Xenosaga expert, reviewer
Madmazda86 - Super Robot Wars series expert, reviewer
Vagabond      - Japanese professional translator
Synt               - Japanese fan translator
Me                  - Romhacker, Graphics Editor

Thanks to:
Nagato        - Who really helped me with the compression
mosesplan  - Japanese professional translator
Pablitox      - Because he told me about Nagato
Enscripture- Japanese fan translator
Serkun        - Japanese fan translator
NT               - Japanese fan translator

How can I help?:
The current team is working very well :D
But if you want to help in some way, contact us,
It is very possible we have a place for you


It looks excellent! Keep up the good work, guys!  :beer: :beer: Thank you. I wish I had a little higher level of Japanese to be able to help with the script.


Wait a minute, do you also go by the nickname of 'Eldinen' over at GBATemp. Is that right?

Apparently, someone else had created a thread about needing hacking help for three games, including this DS game you're now working on, last year. He has a translator friend says he's interested in translating this one. Problem is his last activity here and at GBATemp was in December of 2016 but he's got an email address that you can reach for contact.


Its a long story but yes, i created the post in gbatemp too.
I have sent a message to him and an email, but I havent received anything from him.

Quote from: aqualung on June 16, 2017, 02:58:12 PM
It looks excellent! Keep up the good work, guys!  :beer: :beer: Thank you. I wish I had a little higher level of Japanese to be able to help with the script.

Very bad luck about your japanese skills :(

cj iwakura

Really glad to see this is a thing. My skills aren't up to translating it, sadly, but I'd love to help in any other way I can. I love the first game.

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Post updated, the staff is full and working now!
I have to say I am really proud of our current team.


This is a moral support post.

I love you guys for doing this.


I thank you for starting this project :beer: I lost all hope that this game would get translated.



Looks good indeed.I wish you all the best luck translating this one.


I have updated the main post, I have added videos of our last private betas.
Valkyrie has made the videos.

We are still looking for another japanese translator.


Looks great! Gave this game a shot with the menu patch in the past, but a full translation would really add a lot. Good luck & hope you find a translator soon!


Hello from December~
Are you still looking for another Japanese translator?

Atelier Tohka

Really excited to see this being translated. Loved the first game when it first came out in English and I've always wanted to play the sequel.


is there still progress on this?

gonna make a lot of people mad by bumping this getting their hopes up but this is one of the few games im looking foward to at this point