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Mega Man Remastered

Started by RetroRain, May 28, 2017, 04:39:09 PM

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I will definitely be looking into it.  It was also brought to my attention that there are a couple of bugs in my TMNT hack that need fixing.  It is my intention to fix these hacks, but real-life has to take priority at the moment.  I will get back to them when I have some time.

I apologize for the bugs in these hacks.  Just be patient, they will be fixed in the near future.
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Hey Retro, any luck with the cpu jam error on nestopia?


I'm sorry xttx, I have not looked into it.  I had stepped away from ROM hacking for a few months.  It was my intent to redo this Remastered hack, because there are quite a few problems with it.  A lot of my code is causing lagging problems, there is a major bug with the weapon-switching/select combo, that pushes the values onto the stack, and would eventually crash the game.  And aside from the nestopia bug you pointed out, there a couple of other quirks that I'm not happy about.  This hack was my first CHR-ROM conversion and SRAM hack, and my code is very messy, and all over the place.  And there are things that now, I would have done differently, especially as I have a better understanding at 6502 ASM.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but have patience.  I plan on re-doing this soon. :)
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Sorry to bump but I recently tried out this patch in some emulators. Thought my ROM was bad at first but turns out I was using Nestopia and Mesen, so it seems the hack's definitely broken in more accurate emulators as well as real hardware as the post about the everdrive shows. Hope you can get it working. :)

Also, not trying to advertise, but I published a (pretty lazy) patch to disable the deceleration animation so Mega Man doesn't slide and I can confirm it works with this if you patch mine first. That's one problem people complain about "fixed".


The vanilla version had the gravity at max when you fall from a platform, like ghost & goblins.
The new games have progressive fall speed.

Fireman was tough and capcom redo the IA to fight as usual without use the jump+shoot pattern with Wily wars. With one shot at time.

Yellow demon also moves with less speed.

There was some tweaks with Wily wars version. It's also hard. There's no pause bug, M platform without extreme lenght. Etc.


really like this. wish it worked on retroarch though.


I have gotten some help from the NESDEV Discord and have managed to get this hack working on MiSTer/Mesen-X. I would like to go further and add the improvements SpiderDave onto it but I don't know how to use his patcher or understand his format. Link to fixed zip file


I'm not super familiar with how Discord works, but I think you'll need to find another place to put your file for people to access it.
From what little I understand, you generally need to be invited to individual channels before you can access them, don't you?
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It's there, you just have to get onto NESDEV's server first