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[SNES] Mega Man X - New Hard Type (WIP)

Started by Hart-Hunt, February 14, 2017, 01:46:47 PM

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Mega Man X - New Hard Type is a redesign and rebalance project for the original Mega Man X for the SNES. Within its scope is to provide a fully fresh experience to the veterans of the series, while maintaining the original game's spirit.

The original project, called Mega Man X - Hard Type, was started in 2013 and finished using Xeeynamo's editor in 2015 (link: ). During 2016, I have been working with the RHDN user redguy, giving him feedback while he expanded the usability of the editor to include a handful of features, which convincinced me to reboot the project from scratch. So, for anyone who's played Hard Type, I strongly encourage to give this one a try with fresh eyes, for the design philosophy of this new project is quite different to the old one.

This hack will include in its final version:
- Complete redesign of all levels.
- Enhanced speed and AI of all enemies.
- Infinite lives and death counter (X can exit all stages but the intro stage, so he doesn't get stuck in the levels)
- Rebalance of projectiles speed, damage and other parameters.
- New upgrades!
  - Player starts with the dash ability incorporated.
  - Leg upgrade now gives the ability to break breakable tiles with the dash, slower slide wall descent, and higher jump.
  - Head upgrade gives the usual helmet upgrade, plus half of a subtank refill after death.
  - Zero gives X a new upgrade after he dies (No spoilers on what it is)
- Hadouken will not require revisits, and will have the same prerequisites as in MHX.
- You get 1 Subtank for every 2 Subtank pieces collected, making it a max of 2 Subtanks per playthrough. Added a Subtank piece counter in the menu.
- New Game +
- Other misc changes.

Download alpha version:

Current version only includes gameplay for the intro stage.

Feedback post-testing is appreciated. Will be updating this thread when new versions get uploaded.


Zero Dozer

Whoa, Imma try that out, Hart.

So, how've you been doing, man?


Quote from: Zero Dozer on February 16, 2017, 01:54:08 PM
Whoa, Imma try that out, Hart.

So, how've you been doing, man?
Heyo there. I've been good. It's a shame that MMX9 is not back up, eh? Been working a lot of this before the initial release, so I'm pretty happy with things these days.


It's very nice to see this project coming up again, especially after you've obtained so much more experience and knowledge!
'We have to find some way to incorporate the general civilians in the plot.'

'We'll kill off children in the Juuban district with an infection where they cough up blood and are found hanging themselves from cherry blossom trees.'


Thank you justin! Yeah, I've learned a lot since I just started. I'm sure you'll notice it inmediately once you check out the project's design and scope!

People, the next stage I'll be modding is Boomer Kuwanger's stage! Be sure to check out the intro stage and let me know what you think about the design of the levels!


I'm not much of a fan of bullshit difficulty hikes in rom hacks, but I'm glad to see this happening,

Megaman X really deserves to get hacks. It's one of the best games of that era and while I certainly like what people do hacking the NES games, Megaman 7 and X1 really need some great hacks.


X1 won't take much fixing. Storm Tornado is crazy broken in the original game, an infinite distance attack that rips through walls and any number of enemies in one shot.


A question: if you get the Arm Parts, you wouldn't get the Zero secret like in the original game?