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Kirby-related music in Megaman Hacks.

Started by Plint Michigan, May 23, 2017, 11:01:44 AM

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Plint Michigan

I can't help but wonder why music from the Kirby franchise is so popular in Megaman hacks. Rock Man Exile, Rock Man Exhaust, Rockman 2 Min, several Megaman 5 hacks, etc. I feel like you could make an entire Megaman 2 hack sountrack using just Kirby related music that's been featured in Megaman hacks.

Besides Megaman, why is Kirby the most popular franchise to grab music from in Megaman hacks?


I would expect it's because someone made the soundtrack once, and others have been content to reuse it.

I can't say I know the details, but putting music from one NES game into another tends not to be a simple cut-and-paste job.  If it was easy to do, there would probably be a much greater variety of soundtracks by now.
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Could also be a general fanbase overlap. I mean, Super Mario World seems to have a lot of Touhou and My Little Pony fans working on hacks of it, so perhaps there's a bunch of Mega Man fans who also like the Kirby series and want to represent it in their hacks?

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