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Author Topic: [famicom][translation?] Shogun  (Read 1174 times)


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[famicom][translation?] Shogun
« on: May 21, 2017, 12:31:36 pm »
I am new to romhacking, yet i guess it goes somewhere here...

So, i stumbled upon this thing. There a very little information on this game, all i found is game guide and page on cartridge db, not even dump anywhere.
I bought that cartridge to slap Legend of Zelda on it (which i succesfully done),  but i grabbed original game's ROM too, and it did look quite intersting. Except, ofcourse, i cant understand a thing to play it.
So i tried to translate it, and it looks a bit bigger then i thought initially.
At this moment I did:
1. Replaced original hirokana bitmap font with latin Zelda's one.
2. Found where it stores popup messages and machine translated them.
3. Located some minor hardcoded texts
4. Made a bunch of scripts to patch original rom with mine updates (just threw some letters in .php files, dont ask why php, i dont know ether), like extracting font patterns, converting it to png and back, compiling and decompiling popup strings.

Problem i facing right now:
1. I lack asm background, and have some difficuties understanding how some strings are printed.
2. I dont know japaneese.
3. After machine translations popup strings are about 1000kbytes bigger then they could be.

So, the question. Are you intersted it that game? I guess i cant just put ROM here? Original Japaneese popups. very crude machine translation.
At this moment popups should not be more then 2000 characters. I am thinking of finding place in prg to increase that value, original code should work with that. Help on translation is appreciated.
String compiler supports links to duplicated entrys, that what ">%line%" things are.