Help with coding the rest of my Breath of Fire Rando

Started by pelador, July 23, 2022, 10:46:53 AM

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I've been working on a randomiser for the Snes game Breath of Fire. I've already had lots of generous help from the rom hacking Discord server and now I'm over 50% done with the project thanks to them. However I am an amateur at coding and I could do with someone to come along and dedicate themselves a bit to sorting out my mess of a code and program the actual randomising bit for me. At the moment I only want to randomise the contents of treasure chests. Nothing too complex. Here's proof I've actually been commited to the project and I'm not just trying to get someone to do all the work for me.

As you may notice I'm coding in C# but as I'm a novice there might be some mistakes or more scripts I need to add besides the actual randomising part. I have the item table's offset and item ID's all written down in a text file. So you shouldn't need to do any decompiling. So yeah I'm currently completely at a loss for how to shuffle the game's 361 unique items and could do with some help. Thanks.