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Super Castlevania 4 Maker

Started by bogaabogaa, May 17, 2017, 07:36:24 AM

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Everything that belongs to creative work on SC4 goes here.

- Artwork
- Tutorials
- Share SCL
- Patches
- Ideas

When you use SC4ed make backups of the ROM as you do with any project

Newest Editor/Rendomizer
CV4 Randomizer:           

Official editor source code Download

Official editor binary (win executable) Download

old CV4 Level Editor:        

Tutorial and Project page SC4ed:
Quote from: bogaabogaa on May 17, 2017, 06:39:56 AMClick on quote to get to the Tutorial

Quote from: bogaabogaa on October 04, 2017, 02:41:10 PMClick on quote to get to the Buglist
Common bug fix patches for broken ROMs:

Quote from: bogaabogaa on March 09, 2019, 03:45:52 PMClick on quote for Text-Editing help

I am the creator of Othercastle and I used some patches I like to share here. I did not make them credit goes to Redguy:

Buwexil (SkullBoss) will overwrite tiles in the background when using his breath weapon. This patch overwrites Buwexils routine to write tiles into VRAM with NOP.

When killing a skeleton the bones will usually lag the game a lot. Less bones

When Standing in the Waterfall at 3.3 you will get a lot of bubbles that lag the game

Speedpotion. This will replace the invisibility potion with the speedpotion

If you have bad entrance. They just don't work how they should. You may have a missing instruction in your rom

I found a other patch made by Redguy that will make the game very challenging by itself. One HitKo!!
(Known Bug: There are some stuff that doesn't kill you like: mud, some enemy weapoen, Slogys dash or Draculas body)

Revers Gears with supID 1 and 3
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I did work on a Rommap that should make things easier but I am not very far yet. You can look at it as the advanced tutorial of SC4ed

Here a new Patch categories. This patches may not be as easy to understand. They will put enemy sprites and event pointers into a level and replace a other one. If you like to make them yourself this will help.

Harpy in A-1-1 patch

.. more patches. If not included please request:

I did find a new enemy though ;P

Never found out about the spike in 8 though.. read document for more unused stuff..
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With this you should be able to create a custom Player Sprite Sheet. Haven't tested it fully yet.
Tilemapping is done with pyxel. (haven't tested with free version glad for feedback)
I recomand Tilemolester for in/exporting


You may wanna past the whole sheet in and fix the code around the area with this patch. Makes it easy ond quick ;P


I may to a tutorial after I finished my first Skin.

I like to share my TileMolester Resource File. Just copy the xml file in the resource folder of your copy of TM and you will have access graphics and most palettes.  Also some not unclouded in SC4ed.

This is continuing to be updated the longer I work with it!

If you did not know TM does check the name of file you open and take the resource file with the same name. Happy Hacking and don't be shy to show some of your work here.

Also I use TM to copy block/scene maps. I did test some and it seemed to be working for this. I know this method is very dirty and does eat values that are not in color spectrum. If you would like IPS or HEX sheets let me know. Also I would be happy people would help sorting things like that and share. You will find Bookmakrs in my TM resouce file. Also did add a folder with sorted maps into the Rommap folder.

TitelScreenLogo editing and importing with TM and my resource file like usual.

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Summery of my Projects

I did never finish OtherCastle since I don't have the skill to get it to a point where I would call it a finished project. It is still a good level hack in my opinion. There are still bugs. Missing graphics, lore and some boss tweaking. The hack seems to be too difficult for casual players and even fans of the original. The ring mechanics been a issue for many players and will do tow versions in the next update. One will be a spoof with lots of subweapons and fun to play even for players who did not beat the first one  ;D

What people may want
I would like to make a Super Castlevania for everyone. With new graphics to enjoin. New levels and may be re skin and modify bosses to a extend that make it a new game.
There is already great work been done by Sinis

I am sure will get there some year

Boss Rush
Redguy made a BossRush hack that feels very finished to me but he feels like it needs more tweaking. Some ideas are here
I have some ideas myselfe too.. but the motivation/skill is down on this right now.

DrunkleVania II
My skills at hacking are still very poor and I started a project called Drunkelvania II. It should be a new level hack. It is inspired by Drunken Draconien and will future short and hard levels to figure out.

My wish for this forum post
I hope to see some Castlevania IV fans showing up. Give some feedback or create a levels for your favorite childhood game. It doesn't need to be a whole game you can post levels/ideas too here.

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I think the reason you don't see a lot of community response is that people are still waiting for the editor to be done or for a more comprehensive document about the inner workings of the game.


May be it would be good if Redguy could say himself how finished his project are. I can only tell it from my point of view. And the editor is a nice tool to create a hack if you understand how it works. It is helpful/necessary  to have other tools for costume graphics.

One reason why you will not see a complete decompressed ROM of SC4 any time soon or ever. It is a real time decompression and pointers need to be reorganized. The tile data was painful to decompress and organize.  Many levels had a partial compressed space which Redguy tried to expand to the full size.  But not all levels have the same full size.  And several levels had multiple compressed spaces that went to different locations in VRAM and shared compressed tiles with other levels.  It was difficult to write a simple function that tried to fully expand all levels without breaking something so Redguy tried to be conservative. For example you can't edit the animation of the leaves in the first level.

That means that there are partial uncompressed data that you can't edit with in the editor. But you will find your way around it if you put your own graphics in. If you are interested in the inner working you could read through the source of SCV4RandomizerView.cpp file on git. Redguy did a lot of hacking to get his Randomizer to work how it does and you can translate this addresses to rom addresses with lunar address conversion tool.
You can also look things up yourself if you know how.

I may write a better document on how to use the editor but I am not very good at writing anyway.
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That would definitely be helpful.
There are at least some simple things I'd like to change in the game, that the editor makes easy.


I am currently testing futures and I may document them here so people may see what is possible. I think a  easy way to do this is a Video log after I planed out a level and before I go to finish it so the spoiler would not be to big if you want to play it later. And here you can request things if you run into trouble.

The Videos are bad in my opinion. You are better of reading the tutorial I made. But I tried how it works for me making videos. May be it is inspiring for someone  ;)

Making of Other Castle:

How to make fake rings:

Planning out a level and setting up camera looks or bosses in other levels:

Entrances and exit events:

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One thing is for sure; the more documentation we have for the editor, the more likely people will use it to make their hacks.
You may also want to include of list of things that can't be done. That way potential users won't waste their time trying do things that are known to fail.


Yeha Documentation.. I am the worst when it comes to writing things :P

My beginners tutorial could use some work too.. starting a advanced one that covers issus and explains things in deep would be a good thing to start.
I may start a project pace since it is something easy to do and people may like to follow the progress.
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sr. azul

I've started with a project, but it's the first time I´m hacking something.
I have made some changes to the sprites, Simon and some enemies, and my plan is to make changes in the sprites and the background trying to get closer to Simon's Quest.
As I have not used much the editor I have a question:
-Is it possible to put enemies on other levels than their own?, I have tried copying the attributes but only get sprites distorted.


It is possible but not within the editor. You will need to modify the pointer-table with a hex editor or ask someone to make a patch for you. After that the events will show properly in SC4ed.

Here a list of the pointers.

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I like to share how door event can be used global in SC4ed. Would be perfect to hide a secrets. Or even more when you don't mind the time to set everything up. The event has set the animation to there x y position and can't be edited within the editor.. and I don't know how to look it up (sry no address here) but the event works also without the animation and still has the sound.

A little showcase of some testing of events in other levels.. there would be a lot to talk about here. May be will start a document that explains them better and how to edit them. Also still have not started with the palette editor document. Sure will make one since it will help me work too.

so did start with the document and will redo the sprite document to be friendlier to use. There is so much stuff been done it is a lot of work to cover and build up on. To put this in a document will take me a while.. as I said before I might probably not be the best man for that kind of job.. so patience.. or ask for a job if you are bored ;P

IPS Patch will expand your rom put this alpha skin in.
Here a unfinished Skin. I am a little burned out to work on it. Feel free to improve an share.
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I still work on a better documentation for the editor. I started a Rom map with a lot of editing information also about the SC4ed. This is a work in progress

I am still on the Speedrun Discord too ^^

Wish everybody happy hacking and a good time cya
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I planing to try creating Video tutorials again. Teaching my workflow on hacking and SC4 editing. Also wanna test my tutorial material with it. The main goal will still be to get attention and give some people the idea to try this.

Bloody Beginner tutorial let's start with how do you get a rom. Short overview what is possible to do within the editor.
everything is explained very poorly. This is for people who say "I wish I would know how to make romhacks"

Working on normal tutorial that shows how to actually do things..
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!!Does someone know a hex editor you can load the tbl and actually type text??! :banghead:
Winhex32 works after enabling text edit mod :D

I know this place is a bit of a mess but at last you can find things here to work and get started. I did make a thingy file (.tbl) for SC4 so you can edit the intro text in a easy way. You see the offset on the picture and will find the file in the ROM map folder. Also thanks to DarkSamus without him I probably would never figured it out.

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Quote from: bogaabogaa on January 09, 2019, 12:00:43 AM
!!Does someone know a hex editor you can load the tbl and actually type text??! :banghead:

You can use FCEUX's hex editor if you won't find anything better.


Quote from: Cyneprepou4uk on January 09, 2019, 02:51:48 AM
You can use FCEUX's hex editor if you won't find anything better.

I would had no idea how to get FCEUX to load a snes rom. It works great for .tbl as far I did see. I ended up using winhex. What I missed was you had to enable text editing. I found it as I was reading the manuel. Thanks for the input
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Sure you can't load a snes rom in fceux directly. But what you can do is open a nes rom and paste your snes rom bytes (which you want to translate) to this nes rom, then load your tbl, translate bytes, and finally copy them back to your snes rom. Profit :)


Here you will find a TBL file you can load with winhex. It has some bookmarks on it that will make text-editing easy for SC4.

You will also find more notes here as I create them while hacking.
Sound pointer. Enemy table Boss notes..
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