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NES Classics - Dr Mario Hacking

Started by Prince Manic, May 17, 2017, 05:02:26 AM

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Prince Manic

There's a few things I noticed here the sprites are just like the NES but slightly squeezed to the size of the GBA and been trying to find the following offsets for Advance Palette Editor

Pill - Need to Reflect my Hack's colors
Mario - to change to colors of Alex
Background - the checker board and change that

without these offsets nor the offset to disable that anti-piracy checksum (if it's included in this Nes Classic GBA game)
I'm still studying the way the NES Classic is rendered in the sprites as I'll have to check out my sprites and do any adjustments before I fully hack this!

Plus can't get No$GBA Debug running due to a No.Exe bug in Wineskin


I believe the GBA NES Classics just use the NES ROM with an emulator that is designed to output the image to the GBA's resolution (hence why the tiles are squashed).

I'm sure I read that one of the Fire Emblem NES translations, there was a patch that allowed the translation to work on the GBA version.  So I'm guessing they just injected the NES rom.
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The last time  this came up, it was suggested that it was not actually a simple injection.
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Prince Manic

I see...well it has to be the offset from the nes cart itself so I'm gonna try that! if it is it's off to hack the NES Classics