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Fixing a decade old translation.

Started by Sliver X, May 15, 2017, 05:57:46 PM

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Sliver X

It recently came to my attention that the Valis transation satsu and I did in 2007 has a game breaking bug that I never encountered during the process of testing it.

This bugged the shit out of me: There are a lot of things in every hack I've done I've not been happy with but something this bad compelled me to do something about it.

So despite having lost all my notes years ago I dug into the game and managed to fix it after figuring out what I did and how the text engine works again.

I suppose I'll be putting out new patches for the standard translation and the "Valis++" hack that also adds a bunch of game play and assembly hacks sometime. I'm wanting to do a few more things to Valis++ before I do though:

1) Figure out a way to mitigate the fact that you have to leave the area where the final boss of Stage 1 then come back to be able to exit the level and progress.
2) Hack the level data to move the Valis Sword and the ledge it sits on down a tile or two. It's fucking hard to get to it even when you're supposed to be able to.
3) Change the generic question mark indicator I made for Up/Down exit notifications to up and down arrows.
4) Alter some of the text to give better hints to navigate the absolute clusterfuck of a game this is from a design perspective.

Having done this, it felt kind of good cracking open a debugger. I'm debating on whether I should go back to some of my other hacks and make UTTERLY FINAL FINAL OMEGA HYPER FIGHTING EX revisions for some of them.

To anyone familiar with what I've done: What would you like to see me do before I lose the desire to ROM hack for another decade or two?

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Thanks for fixing the bug in Valis. It's always frustrating playing through a game (especially if you're doing it on real hardware without savestates) and getting snakebitten by something like that. That's one of the reasons I've put off my replay of Do-Re-Mi Fantasy, though I realize there's a workaround and the option of an older patch.



Quote from: filler on May 15, 2017, 10:41:25 PM
Lol. But, the curse...
What curse? Does it end translation groups?


Several have tried.
But that 1 MB script. One megabyte is not a trivial amount of text. There has to be somebody who REALLY wants to see that game get done.

Yes, supposedly Tengai Makyo Zero had that much text. But lucky for that game there WERE people who REALLY wanted to see it done. :)
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