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Author Topic: Family BASIC v3.0: Problems with programming on emulator VirtuaNES  (Read 1294 times)


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I have long been interested in the question of programming using this IDE, using a computer keyboard. On most emulators work with keyboard is good, but not with VirtuaNES.
First, it is impossible to enter certain characters, such as ":", ";" and "*". Second - after my changing the font from Japanese to Russian, the rom works correctly only on VirtuaNES (other emulators giving this error: ),
which may affect the compatibility of future games written on it. Well, and thirdly - I don't have enough information on programming in this IDE, in particular using BGTOOL.
Modified Family BASIC ROM (patch):
UPD: when I replaced some of signs (like ":", ";" and "*") on the Russian language - rom gives the same error on VirtuaNES. I think this is an checksum protect, which I can't fix. :(
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