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Author Topic: ROM Hacks: Little Nemo - The Dream Master - A Wonderful Wand Edition  (Read 3356 times)


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This hack attempts to increase the usage of the WAND and to improve the overall gameplay of the beloved cult classic Little Nemo - The Dream Master. This is accomplished by giving the player the WAND weapon from the start, streamlining the action-platforming aspects of the gameplay, and reducing the cumbersome animal-riding parts of the game. Various re-balancing adjustments and improvements have been made to the game as well.

I've always felt that the WAND weapon was introduced very late into the game and even then, the amount of opportunities you are given to use the WAND was very little also. In stage 8, when you are finally given the WAND, you are under the impression that you'll be using the WAND weapon quite a bit for the enemies. Instead, the game continues to throw obstacles at you in which you are required to continue using animals to overcome, further reducing the usage of the WAND to just merely at the bosses. This hack addresses the issue and attempts to fix this by giving the player access to the WAND from the beginning, and also reworked the levels to utilize it much more than before.

Besides the addition of the early WAND activation, this hack also attempts to streamline the levels to give the player a better overall experience. In the original game, many levels had overly tedious keys fetching quests. This hack eliminates that and reworks the levels with several interesting twists. Other confusing aspects of the game has also been eliminated/changed such as confusing layouts and strange platform/item placements. Several levels has also been streamlined to play more like an action platformer without the key fetching quests and/or the overdone animal-riding. I've also expanded MANY empty/unused areas of the game to give each level a more 'full' experience.

Each level's difficulty has now been adjusted and is now incremented fairly. I've made the levels more about challenge of platforming/WAND-attacking skills instead of cheap hits and/or deaths. I've added many bonuses/secrets in the game that will require advanced skills for this game to reach, and challenges will be pushed to the maximum in Nightmare Land.

Hope you all give this a try and enjoy this hack!

Comments and suggestions are welcomed! :)

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