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Author Topic: NDS: how to view .obgc files?  (Read 778 times)


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NDS: how to view .obgc files?
« on: May 11, 2017, 06:53:49 am »
Heya ^_^

I'm trying to find the credits for the NDS game "Yes!プリキュア5" (homepage: ). I've played the game, and the credits appear after beating the game's story. However, they only appear once when you finish the last stage. I didn't take screenshots at that time, so the only way to see them again would be to play through the whole thing again.

So, I was thinking since I had the data extracted already, maybe there's a way to get at the info directly without going through the game. There's a helpful directory called Staffroll in the filesystem, and with Console Tool I can see that the image and palette files match what was on screen during the credits roll. None of these files contain any text though, only sprites, animations and palettes. There are also a whole bunch of .obgc files in the directory however. As expected from the file extension ending in 'c', they're compressed. Of CUE's (de)compressors only the LZSS one didn't complain about a wrong format, so I'm guessing they were indeed compressed with the common LZ77 algorithm.

This is where I'm stuck now however. I can't find anything online about an .obg or .obgc format. Looking at the decompressed files in a text editor they do seem to be bitmaps of sorts, maybe with an included palette at the start. Not really sure about this though.

Any experts here who can help?
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