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super mario arcade
« on: April 01, 2017, 01:38:08 pm »
edit: I will post v1.1 soon.

this is a link to my latest hack. It's v1.0 and needs some polish.  It has physics similar to smb3 nsmb styled levels with a smb feeling recreated by not allowing the player backwards scrolling. I would appreciate input on this hack.
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Re: super mario arcade
« Reply #1 on: April 14, 2017, 01:39:28 am »
Zacmario, man I have played your hack for a few hours.  I actually reviewed it before I seen this post but it hasnt been posted yet.  I really like your hack.  It really does feel like it is designed to eat quarters and lots of them.  Since I own more arcades than consoles I figured I would chime in.  Its an awesome game, I like the level layout, the enemies population is just right, it has a Nintendo Super Mario Bros. Vs. feel to it.  The new enemy sprites are cool and so is the invisible coins.  Unable to scroll backwards is a nice challenge too.  Overall, I really like what I've played thus far.

Onto a few things.  On World 1, when you hit the vine block, climb to the "!" and warp to the cloud level, I found a small glitch after you come out of the pipe back on the main level, you can move Mario slightly to the right a little bit at a time and the screen will scroll backwards a just enough for Mario to hit the vine block again.  Now normally this wouldnt be a big deal, but since a 1 up is possible every time one warps to the cloud level, a player could easily exploit this for 100 lives.  I personally dont know what would fix this, but I would like to see if you could fix it somehow.

Last thing, and this is just me personally, I feel like the stages are lacking a few powerup blocks.  I believe you are shooting for an arcade feel, but even then, I feel like a powerup should be somewhere near the middle.  I might have missed them, but I tried to get every block I seen on each level.  Other than that, I think this hack is rocking.

I am wanting to play through the entire game this weekend and maybe see if I can find any glitches or bugs and hopefully beat it.
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