Possible to create a .SPC Seeking tool for SNES? (For MSU-1 purposes)

Started by Kallisto, March 23, 2017, 10:02:16 PM

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Someone made a mention in Zeldix forums that it would make MSU-1 hacking a lot easier if a tool could seek out .spc files easily, so I thought I ask here to see if something could be done to make MSU-1 hacking more accessible.


As I understand it, an "spc" file is just a dump of the RAM of the SPC700.  (That's why every SPC file is exactly the same size.)  So, there's no way to "seek out" an .spc file, since the only thing you'll find in a SNES ROM is code to write to the SPC700 RAM in various ways.

There's something called SNSF, which, like NSF, is basically constructed by carefully, manually stripping a ROM down to nothing but its music-playing code.  For certain games (Wario's Woods, for instance), .spc dumping is impossible and that is the only way to play the music.
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