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where to host your Lua Scripts ?

Started by haseeb_heaven, March 19, 2017, 08:51:06 PM

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Hello all  :) , i am programmer and i love rom hacking with NES games. i want to know which is good website to host or to get some scripts in Lua. I have recently made 8-10 scripts for Various Games Like SMB,Battle City, Yie Ar Kung fu etc now i want to host them so that people will  get to use my scripts and share /review it.



I don't think there is a site everybody goes to so as to get them like people go to gamefaqs, or at times certain sites for cheat compilations. For certain games/franchises there might be, and if they are focused at tool assisted speedruns there might be, but I don't know in either case and they might not get a more general audience.

If you are willing to open source them then you might try a source code host like github. It should stay up where many sites are less reliable, will have change tracking and all kinds of nice features you might want for this sort of thing.
Whether you make projects for each game/script or make a compilation is up to you, there are benefits to each approach from where I sit.


I was unable to find a place for video game lua scripts other than TAS-related things, so I made a place for them!

It's a bit bare bones, and I don't have a convenient way to add new scripts yet, but you can use the contact form on my site or just message me here with a link and description of the script and I'll add it.


github is popular for stuff like this, but it may be a little cumbersome to use if you don't already use git for other things.