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Author Topic: SLES_556.76.PES2014 change S_SOUND.AFS to English audio  (Read 2176 times)


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SLES_556.76.PES2014 change S_SOUND.AFS to English audio
« on: May 25, 2019, 07:40:25 am »
In the recent years, Pes 2014 ps2 version has been blessed with plenty of patches and more to come in the future.
However, they were mostly Spanish version which is SLES_556.76. The English version is SLES_556.73.

First, we need DKZ Studio to view both S_SOUND.AFS and E_SOUND.AFS.
This is because in the recent patches, a lot of maps like stadiums, kits, faces, hairstyles been added in it.
In other words, they have altered the behavior on how the original game works.
If we just imports the original E_SOUND.AFS into their patches of S_SOUND.AFS, the game will crash.
This is one of the reason why they didn't do the English patch.
Originally, E_SOUNDS.AFS has 5131 files from unknow_00000.adx to unknow_05130.adx.
S_SOUND.AFS only has 4918 files from unknow_00000.adx to unknow_04917.adx.

Summary of what is inside both commentaries:

E_SOUND                                                                                            S_SOUND   
From       Until                                                                                   From         Until
unknow_  unknow_   Description                                                         unknow_   unknow_
00000      01695        Commentaries         (Different by 8 files)             00000        01687
01696      02847        Name call                (Total 1152 files)                  01688        02839
02848      02947        Mute, no.1 to no.99 (Total 100 files)                    02840        02939
02948      04124        Commentaries         (Different by 10 files)           02940        04106
04125      04437        Shooting name call  (Have to trace one by one)    04107        04230
04438      04955        Commentaries         (Different by 6 files)             04231        04742
04956      05130        Name call                (Total 175 files)                    04743        04917

Aside than the "Shooting name call" files, we only need to reduce 24 files to fit into S_SOUND.AFS.
The problem is which files should we take it out?
This is where we need someone who knows Spanish to help out.
Therefore, this is partially some documentation on E_SOUND.AFS  on how to transfer the files to the S_SOUND.AFS patches.
Then, rename the whole batch files using utilities like "Advanced Renamer".
For an example, you can easily rename each files from  "01696 to 02847" to "01688 to 02839".
Once you transfer all the 4918 English files into S_SOUND.AFS, save it as a new S_SOUND.AFS as some files are bigger.
Finally, import your new S_SOUND.AFS to existing S_SOUND.AFS. Done and you'll have English audio.