Famicom Disk System Zelda ENG Translation (Finished)

Started by jordiway73, March 06, 2017, 01:44:55 PM

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Quote from: jordiway73 on April 10, 2017, 04:04:44 PM
After playing through the whole game two times I have found no errors, I made a few small changes to the font of (the Letter Y and the number 4).

As Spinner 8 subtly pointed out, "you're" is spelt wrong.

What's wrong with those two characters? They look fine to me, but an easy change to revert if one desires.


Your is spelled wrong on purpose, because of space limitations, if there were 2 extra bytes for an apostrophe and an E, I would have spelled it correctly. Just be thankful it wasn't UR.

I don't think its a big deal because there are a ton of NES games with spelling errors, Double Dragon 3 probably being the worst


Yes, games had spelling errors, but to intentionally make spelling mistakes "because other games did it" is rather ugly.
If you can't fit the full translation, it would be good to find words that can fit.
I'd go with maybe "THE HERO" or even "YOU HERO".
Or "THANK YOU, HERO OF HYRULE" if you wanted to preserve the important text of the message (I'm assuming Link's name is a variable that would have to be deleted)
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My goal when I started this project was to imitate the NES version as close as possible. I also knew that no matter what I did people would complain, so instead of trying too please everybody else I just went with what made me happy. ;D

What is most important is that all the major groundwork has been completed and I believe someone out there with more technical knowledge of this game than myself will eventually solve the problem with the space limitations and eventually we will have a 100% accurate NES translation. But it had to start somewhere!!!!!!! :thumbsup:

As I have stated before if you feel that you can improve this hack, please do so. ;) 

I changed the Title screen because of a translation error on my part 

after working on the famicom Zelda re-release cartridge title screen I realized my mistake http://www.romhacking.net/hacks/3426/


I was just thinking, if someone could figure out how to recover the the text space that's been blanked out from the items introduction, they might have enough space to expand the dialog boxes. But then, maybe rewriting all of that code would take even more space. Maybe. What do I know.


Unfortunately it's only valid for Side A. Overworld, Underworld (Side B) wipes out all that space later. Thanks for the idea though.

Actual Huffman code takes space too so that sucks (+ tree). But RedComet was kind to post the source. My asm isn't great for something like that. :)


Literally, I just woke up and my first thought this morning was 'oh yeah, the introduction is on side a, so that wouldn't make a difference'.  Funny how that works... :woot!:

Anyway, gave it some more thought and wondered if there was any unused audio that could be deleted to free up space, but that does not appear to be the case, at least from what I could find. However there is an unused enemy that could be deleted to recover space. Assuming it also exists in the FDS version and does not break the other copies of this particular monster.

Quote from: https://tcrf.net/The_Legend_of_ZeldaUnused Enemy Type

Enemy type $42 is a Gleeok with one head, unused in the final game. This can be seen by freezing RAM address $0350 at $42 and changing screens.

And I'll just throw this in, in case you are unaware of it: http://www.glitterberri.com/the-legend-of-zelda/retranslation-redux/


Overworld and underworld are different files, space restrictions. Thought about that too but don't think it'll save enough bytes to make the major gains we need. Thanks still!


lol you may want to reread what I said in that last reply  :beer:


Yes. Already looked for unused audio and monster data - in both overworld and underworld files. Not enough to make a game changing difference.


Exactly how tight on space are you? Based on the English NES version, some rough math suggests that Huffman compression of the overworld room text could save about 375 bytes (compressed text being ~575 bytes shorter minus 151 bytes for Huffman tree and ~50 bytes for Huffman code), which seems like a worthwhile gain on a script that's only 1366 bytes to start with. If you're going to start ripping out the guts of the existing text engine, though, you might want to run some numbers on other compression methods (e.g. DTE/Dictionary) to see if there's anything better/easier to use.


Jordiway would know more, who did the actual insertion. But I remember from discussions that a decent amount of Nintendo nes text got cut. I think the overworld was the bigger problem with the bulk. I don't remember seeing a lot of text space (256-600 bytes iirc) but that was a quick mental scan.

I looked over the English translation from glitterberri (in the beginning) and thought it was even more text. Would require 3+ line adjustment hack also.

375 is a good gain. Admittedly I'm just not the one to work on this part; at least not until later this year. Maybe it is easy using RedComet's "template" stuff, but I still feel a void in motivation and energy on this project. I tend to mentally shut down with {big-ly} projects or when there's a lot of (potentially challenging) <hacking> ""work"" involved; my experience with the game's optimized, tight asm code didn't leave any Spanish gelato on my tongue.

So I tend to spend my rhdn energy where I think quick, small gains can be obtained. Keeps my satisfaction burning just long enough to try another. Or if some problem really catches my odd fetish.

Some projects have a hard time holding me awake. Partly regret taking them on since I can't run the closer on them. Although I do get lucky sometimes when other >smarter people take over and scrub down my mess.

<-- description to left

(I should add that I complain a whole lot more when I'm fatigued, disappointed, or downright confused what to do. And some laziness)


Quote from: abw on April 30, 2017, 04:50:02 PM
Huffman compression of the overworld room text could save about 375 bytes (compressed text being ~575 bytes shorter minus 151 bytes for Huffman tree and ~50 bytes for Huffman code), which seems like a worthwhile gain on a script that's only 1366 bytes to start with.

I think that would be plenty but what about the underworld


Quote from: jordiway73 on April 30, 2017, 11:38:01 PM
I think that would be plenty but what about the underworld
Ah, sorry, despite saying "the overworld room text", what I actually meant to say was just "the room text", including both over- and underworld.

No worries - we all find different aspects of this hobby interesting and contribute where and when we're inclined to do so. :beer:


Best I can come up with is Huffman + Dictionary (any form of substrings).