Smart designed Challenge/Hard Type Hacks? (not the impossible ones)

Started by magus, March 02, 2017, 09:32:03 AM

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Hello everyone, i am looking for some smart designed Hard Type hacks or just hacks which add a extra Challenge to the Original version of the game but they should be fair and not impossible to beat nor require frame by frame accuracy movement or endless grinding (sometimes it can't be avoided).

The gameplay should be sort of a survival where every enemy can kill you but you always have a chance of beating them, no cheap stuff of course.

Any genre is welcome.


Final fantasy tactics kind of (This links the psp version but theres a psx version)
It balances the game so op classes are weaker and weaker classes are more viable, the ai uses these new balance chances for a much better challenge. Its not a hard hack like 1.3 so much as a hack that makes everything more streamlined etc. If you want a slightly harder challenge dig up the old 1.3 lite hacks that don't change the battles but changes everything up for a harder game.


idk, FFT KO's balance is kinda buttmaddening at times so I disagree with suggesting it these days


I will always plug FF6: Brave New World, and Maeson's rebalancing of BoF 2 is pretty on point.  FF9: Alternate Fantasy is pretty good too, although you really need to know the game well for the endgame stuff.  If you're into FF1 hacks, Frank Fnatasy is good, although FF:Reconstructed is built around that hack and improves on it from what I hear, so I'd wait for that version to finish.

There are some other ones I've reviewed too that are very much worth a playthrough (you can click on my profile to find them if you're interested).


Brave New Wrold is really neat.  The script may not be all that at times, but the new systems more than make up for it.

Yet Another Fire Red Hack, though it's main goal is not hard difficulty, is harder than the original and is very smartly done.  It rounds out itself to the difficulty level of Platinum, and for something that can get steamrolley as Pokemon it does pan out pretty well.

Touhoumon Purple/EXTREME GRAPE is probably the most balanced of it's kind (meaning, a heavily hacked Pokemon game where Pokemon are replaced with Touhou puppets) when it comes to difficulty and battle polish, other Touhoumon games tend to be completely out of wack one way or another.  A playthrough not knowing about the new battle systems will yield some additional difficulty, though a type matchup sheet is provided.

Chrono Trigger Platinum is pretty neat.  It goes by things simply on the surface but pays off greatly by it. The other Platinum hacks by the same author are nice too.