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Fixing Soccer Kid GBA

Started by marc_max, July 15, 2017, 12:48:48 PM

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A few years ago, I bought Soccer Kid for GBA. It was a game I already played on MS-DOS when I was a kid, and wanted to play it again.

The game has two endings. In order to get the true ending, you must collect all cards, then after killing the fourth boss, you should be teleported to the real final boss. But...
The game glitches: shows a garbled map, your character is spawned and dies instantly and you can't even use the pause button.

I thought it could be a faulty cart and decided to contact Telegames (who ported the game to GBA), not expecting a response of course. But hey, they answered after all and I'm pretty sure they laughed at receving an e-mail about a game that was released 12 years ago.
They told me it was weird they sold thousands of copies and no one complained back in the day. Truth is the game can still be found at a bargain price. It probably didn't sell very well or no one tried to get the real ending. They even offered me a cart replacement.

Anyway, it's not my cart. It's the game code that it's not correct. I found someone with the same glitch here.
I dumped my cart and got an exact copy from the no-intro release.

I'm not a low level coder and I have no free time currently to take a look at it. I'm posting here because I'm curious if it could be fixed :-)

If anyone wants to take a look:
This is my 'perfect' password (I replayed levels in order to get a lot of lives and continues).
It takes you to the last three levels. You must get all 11 cards in them (4+3+4) in order to get to the real final battle.

BTW, I noticed the game also does weird things when adding bonus points after finishing a level: it shows symbols when decreasing the soccer tricks. It sometimes shows more than 99 soccer tricks no matter how many soccer tricks you've done in a a level.


I think you can anticipate my first question. :D Soccer Kid came out on the Amiga, PC, SNES, 3DO, PS1 and Jaguar in addition to the GBA. Given that those ones don't have this glitch (I've checked longplays on YouTube of the SNES, 3DO and PS1, which all showed the good ending), why not play those instead? :) I know this doesn't answer your problem at all, but still... the SNES version looks even better than the GBA one.

As for actually fixing the problem, I guess one would have to know what is supposed to happen and get down into the assembly language. That probably won't be easy, even though the key problem could be a single byte. Not impossible, of course, but as I said, not necessarily easy.

By the way, I went to check GameFAQs to see if someone had written something about this... it was you, wasn't it? :laugh:


Yes, that was me, lol

Yes, I know I can play it in other systems and that the GBA version is far from being the best.
But this is about ROM hacking! :laugh:
As I said, I'm just curious to know if this can be fixed. It wouldn't be the first time rom hacking fixes original game's code.