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Author Topic: Now that Wii U production has ended (and Switch is coming) can we post VC hacks?  (Read 2095 times)


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Good day, RH community.

Now that the Switch is less than a month away, and that the Wii U has now ceased production worldwide (Source), I was wondering if hacks which used the Virtual Console releases as its base could be reuploaded to the site again?

Two clear examples of these are:

If I recall correctly, the reason why these two were removed were due to their Virtual Console counterparts still being available and/or due to them being current gen games available.
Due to the Wii U being out of production now and being a console of a previous generation when the Switch comes out, I wanted to know if these two could be reuploaded or if they still break rules regarding both hacks still being available for download.


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Your logic is flawed by the simple fact that the games you mention are digital titles.

The Wii U may have ended production. However, the Wii U eshop is still up and running, those titles are still available, and likely will be for many years yet. Those games are still being sold and in this situation literally nothing has changed from when the hacks were first removed.

Also, you seem to have missed the point entirely on why the SMA4 hack was removed - because it's essentially piracy. The Wii U eshop version contained a unique version of the ROM, with all the e-reader levels included and open for the first time ever. The patch basically turned your stock SMA4 rom into the one Nintendo offered on the VC, with a matching checksum. That's why it was removed, and it has absolutely sod all to do with the production status of the Wii U.



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They're sold commercially. Whether this helps or hurts sales is debatable, after all it's free advertising for the games, but we don't need undue attention from lawyers.


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They aren't even hacks. The patches just changes regular games into a newer official revision.


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I agree. They're basically just changing one official ROM to another.

I know there's a community dumping DLC content so I'm sure the ROMs are dumped SOMEWHERE and in years to come, once the content is no longer sold officially and less in danger of getting someone sued, will be widely distributed all over the Internet like the older console ROMs are now.
(not encouraging users to piracy. I would support buying the stuff legitimately while it's officially available.)
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Nevermind the fact that I would expect the Switch to carry on their Virtual Console service in some form.