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Dark Gimmick!

Started by Berion, February 17, 2013, 04:20:10 PM

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In fact I think the only problem with Gimmick is how horrible the weapon of the main character is. If he would have, say, a sword instead of this dumb and slow star attack, the game would be 150 times better.

Sunsoft always managed to get 1 thing to ruin their games :

- Blaster Master : Top-down levels are a huge mess, the bosses are pure shit which makes the game impossible to beat
- Batman : Horrible weapon set
- Batman - Return of the Joker : Sluggy controls
- Ufouria : Don't know where you're supposed to go, always restart at the same starting point
- Gimmick : Horrible weapon


Al though I think the original Gimmick! is quite hard, removing this attack, as clumsy as it may look, would also remove what makes this game unique. Sword games are everywhere. Even Kirby has one, albeit temporarily. I like how you can reach places and make special attack combos with the star, as well as the possible variations between velocity and angle...


QuoteGimmick is a downright sadistic game as it is. It's awesome, but it's too difficult for it's own good. Why would you make a hack that makes it harder??

Why peoples make hardest version of Mario, Megaman, Castlevania etc? For the same reason I think: because original ones are too easy for them.

I cannot make it easiest because it will ruin gameplay. Look, all jumps are carefully counted to ideal fit into unique Gimmick! physics. This star is powerful and really special kind of weapon implemented in video games. As Trax described better than me. If this is to hard for all of you, I'll make two versions, normal and easy, but still I think it will be a bad idea.


Quote from: Bregalad on July 11, 2013, 02:54:15 PM
In fact I think the only problem with Gimmick is how horrible the weapon of the main character is.point

It's a matter of getting used to it. You won't master the star so quickly due to its physics, but once you have, you realize how great it is and how it is that it works both as a weapon and a mean of transportation.

Quote from: Berion on July 12, 2013, 04:48:32 PM
I cannot make it easiest because it will ruin gameplay.

Yeah but you could come up with new levels but with a difficulty that's on par with the original game or only slightly harder. As long as the level design is interesting those are the best kind of hacks imo.





@Berion The link to your hack is not working, can you upload it somewhere else please? When I try to extract the patch it says "Unknown compression method"  :huh:

Thanks man...




This is really cool.  I've wanted a romhack of Gimmick that relies on technical star movements, and this just about does it.  Especially the start of level 2!

My only complaint would be the slippery floors.  They don't really add any layer of difficulty, they just make things more annoying than they need to be.

Also, the new palettes are great!  Probably the best palette edits I've seen in a romhack.


Thank you, but I think about it only after I modify all levels and some other stuff (like pallet switching for HUD and few missing blocks on current levels).

7-Zip v9.20, LZMA2. Maybe your unpacker don't support it. Next time I'll pack it to normal zip file. Sorry for inconveniences.

Could you point which ones are so/too annoying? I planning release v1.0 in two versions, easy and normal.

BTW: I thinking about change life bottles system. Actually there are possibility of maximum "4 energy dots", player start with 2 and other two are to find somewhere on the stage. What do you think about change it to something like this: on every level there will be only one life bottle which Yumetaro can handle through whole game (there are 6 levels so he could be collect up to 8 "energy dots"). This will force me to make some level changes, especially on LV1 but help player a lot (well... in this case the "metal gear", ghosts and last hidden bosses will be a peace of cake if player collect all bottles - but also this solution eliminate easy/normal difficulty problem).




This involve changes in cannon balls appearing time. Idea is nice but it's complicated and secret item will be easier to find.

- - -

DARK gimmick: ;d

October 23, 2013, 06:04:45 PM - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

Version 0.6c. Probably last before another huge freeze period.


f added blockers on first stage to prevent jumping to another part of level (near the start point)
f replaced energy bottles on stage one
f changed a little bit level design on stage two, making much easier jump to platform (near a cannon ball)
f changed colour pallet in secret area on stage four
+ added stage five (for now, only first part of it)


It's nice to see some work done on that hack. But I have to say it, once again: difficulty cannot be infinite. There are obvious cases of fake difficulty in your hack, like blind jumps where you end up in spikes if you don't know the game by heart or lose concentration for a fraction of second. Puzzles are okay, but when you end up in a dead-end where the only way out is to find the exact position, angle and velocity of you star, get on top and jump at a very precise moment, many players will quit after a few tries. And that, while making heavy use of save states...

You should also double check the "slipperiness" of all your tiles. Some of them have infinite slippery coeffcient that make the game annoyingly harder because the character cannot stay in place. There's also one place (level 1, with the electric black enemy that comes out of a door and the hard-to-reach tube) where your star can be stuck indefinitely because the tiles are too slippery and the star cannot slow down enough. I don't know if the editor has some provisions for that kind of parameters, but I think it's an important aspect of the game, especially if it causes a glitch that prevents progress...


Ok, I've remove most of slippery blocks. This a little slowdown gameplay and make i much easier.

Below link is animated GIF which compare changes LV1 from 0.4f to 0.6d:

PS: sorry for such an inconvenient way but I haven't own server/cloud service which could host GIFs. All free services which I know, reject this format (the same with APNG).



Stage 6, boss fight. ;)

HUD swap replacement (but not on video above ;]) is finished. Bug on stage 5 almost fixed. All thanks to Dizzy9.

Patch will be available when I finished whole stage 6.


Oh wow, I didn't know of this patch's existance. I'll be looking forward to it. Big fan of Gimmick! here.  :P
"I swear my victory to this feather!"


I dig up a little. :)

I have made RetroArch skinned and preconfigured for "Dark Gimmick!" for PS3. You can find the package and screenshots here:

I deleted unneeded and unused RetroArch resources (v1.3.6) and packaging it with my custom theme, icons, XMB app customization and even manual function (game maps, remember to use square button to zooming/zooming out). Button configuration is oriented to playability - PS3 port of this emu doesn't support remaping features per core (?) so navigation between emulator menus are kind a strange (L3+R3 revoke menu, Square is cancel, Circle confirm, R1 save VRAM, L1 load it, R2/L2 changing slot). In menu, in History category, there are two predefined game shortcuts (to "dev_hdd0/emu/roms/*.nes").

Step 1: install package
Step 2: find original game "Gimmick!" (CRC32: 68CD9911)
Step 3: patch it by i.e LunarIPS with my patch (
Step 4: copy rom file into "dev_hdd0/emu/roms/" as "Gimmick!.nes" (for original version if You want keep it) and patched as "Dark Gimmick! v1.1.nes"
Step 5: enjoy with a lot of patience ^^