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Author Topic: [N64] Conker's Bad Fur Day (U) Translation  (Read 1141 times)


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[N64] Conker's Bad Fur Day (U) Translation
« on: February 05, 2017, 04:18:32 pm »
Hi all, and at first thanks for this site and the knowlege shared !

I recently planned to translate that great game CBFD, the (U) rom to my native language, french. Really new at it I started to learn and search here and there bymyself, and so far here is what I done :

1. Exctract .bin and .mp3 with SubDrag's GEDecompressor
2. Translate the texts in the appropriate .bin with a hexeditor, carring about not adding or removing any octes/bytes
3. Inject my nex/translated .bin in the rom with GEDecompressor

Everything seems to work fine, my translated texts are shown, no crash, but there is allways a thing that happen next.
Ex 1 : If I translate the first page of the game "mature audience only, etc", when I came to launch a game 1, 2 or 3, the cinematic that should launch from the next .bin is not launch at all, leaving me there stuck at the transitionnal black screen.
Ex 2 : Translating the introduction, where conker phone to his girlfriend, this cinematic run without problems, but the next one that should be launch (where conker is drunk in the bar) is not launch at all. The game isn't freezed but the cinematic launched is the next / next one, strangely skipping the cinematic in the bar and launching the next one where he is directly out of the bar.

- Pbm seems to be that the modified .bin is disturbed to point to the next .bin when the rom is recompiled with GEdecompressor, like Subdrag told me.
- Another person pointed me that he had the same issue when importing his own mp3 to the game with GEDecompressor, and solved it by manually adding the mp3 instead of using the GEdecompressor because (as he said "The tool will automatically compress the .bin files you dont need to compress them after you've edited them"

Here is now where I need help, because I don't have any clue about the way to "compile" the game again if not with GEDecompressor. I have now +3900 .bin and mp3, and I don't know how to make it a rom again, or at least how to inject my translated .bin without compression / breacking the Rom in the original Rom.

Thanks a lot
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