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Sega CD Utilities?

Started by Kallisto, February 01, 2017, 06:20:03 PM

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I've noticed there is none to be found on this site, and I'm wondering if any exist at all?


All general utilities work perfectly fine on Sega CD games...

Is there any specific thing about the Sega CD that you need that it can't be done with existing utilities?
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I was attempting to see if I can extract any Japanese text, and then attempt to translate, and then re-insert back into the game.

The files I mostly saw was .bin & .prs files.


Yeah, you'll never find a universal utility for that for any console, since every game is free to store the text however it wants to.

Learn the basics for any other system and it will be the same for Sega CD games.

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I personally would love to see a good debugger, though. I've found a few Genesis/MD emulators with really good debuggers, but, none of them have CD support. I'd love to not have to use Gens KMod anymore. :)