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MarioKart64 Texture Modifying

Started by mida, January 27, 2017, 07:07:05 AM

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Hi There,

i´d like to change the Heads of some Figures from MarioKart64.
I dumped the required Textures with the Rice-Video-Plugin (Emulator: 1964) and modified the appropriate Png´s and it generally works.

Now the Problem, have a look at the attached picture (first one) for an example. If i like to change the picture of yoshi in the character-Choice Menu, i´ve to change 6 Pictures, because it is animated. But each of these 6 Frames is tiled into 4 parts. Because the files are named like "MARIOKART64#98D1238D#...", it´s a big mess to sort them all right. And when the quarters are sorted, you must compose them to draw a new Head on it (image 2) , and finally re-tile and naming right :-O

I also collected all Frames of Yoshi during the Game on his Kart, because thats my final Target... 732 Files!!

So is there a better Workaround?
Any Help would be kind :-)