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Chrono trigger plus

Started by ThegreatBen, January 22, 2017, 06:29:11 PM

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Is there any way your mod includes / offers tools to implement Gaspar as a playable character (as was originally intended)? Preferably as a magic user and time-based techs (maybe taking advantage of the ??? magic type).

Also I'm new to a lot of this and have no idea what MSU-1 support it; is it necessary for the rom to work when it's finished?


I've been working on an 8th playable character hack, but it won't be ready in time for this release.
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I noticed you've been updating your plugins to accommodate it, hopefully I can add it to my project without too much trouble.

@787 the 8th character is intended to be human Glenn, but even for a separate patch for Gaspar I would need a full sprite sheet and Techs aren't exactly easy to program.


I've been contemplating how to handle adding the 8th character to existing projects. You'd have to mess with the events yourself, and I'd need to make sure free space is actually free. I might be able to make a plugin to handle the insertion of some data.
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Nice work, ThegreatBen. Love the effort you've put in.

One thing I worry about with the Chrono community is that S-E will shut things down. Supposedly they've done so to other fan projects. Are you worried about the same?


Editing my events is no problem, just really wouldn't want to start from scratch and redo all the under the hood stuff.

I played with 8thy a year or so ago but It wasn't ready for release yet, has anything changed with it, for someone that knows what they are doing how functional could they get it in game?


I'll double check everything once I'm done with Hi-Tech, but most of the major hurdles have been conquered. Expanding tech data is the big one remaining.
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Awesome, The eight slot currently has what, 4 tech slots? I could make that work, though they would lose all their dual techs I think.


I believe 8thy was auto-learning the first three dual techs and then being capped until Spekkio. I need to juggle the data around so 8thy has unique techs after Magus's list, and before the dual techs. There's a couple stray sprite assembly frames that don't work, and I need to finish altering events so walking works properly.
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Would be pretty neat if it could be used in the next release, but this one is ready to go.

I've been doing bug fixes but I won't start working on the content for the next release until after November.

Gi Nattak

Speaking of releases, has this hack been released? I'm not seeing a download link anywhere.


Quote from: Gi Nattak on October 01, 2017, 11:00:24 PM
Speaking of releases, has this hack been released? I'm not seeing a download link anywhere.
It's coming. Give them some time to polish the rough edges.

Bahamut ZERO

Oh man, I just about forgot about this project. Glad to hear it's still coming along nicely.  :beer:
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Its actually ready, I'm just waiting on word from Qwertymodo to see if he still wants to make adjustments to his code.

here is the new readme to wet your appetites until it arrives

         Restored content

   Battle2 and Singing Mountain music tracks added
  Octorider, Johnny and Frog King enemies can now be fought
       A few restored lines from the pre-release re-added

    Unused Weapon effect 'Magical attack' added.

   Added unused guns for Lucca with unique projectiles.

       Destroyed dome and coliseum map tiles added.

       Magus' keep now fully visible on the world map.

                 Cut Zeal dungeon re-added


            changes to linearity

Porre Ferry goes to Choras allowing it to be explored from
the beggining.

The first trip to 65,000000 b.c can be done anytime after
arriving at the End of Time.

Magus can be recruited or fought on the cape anytime after
the ocean palace, making him available for the Blackbird.

        Spekkio is optional allowing for no magic runs.

Must now complete both sides of the factory

                            Nu content
      MSU-1 music fully integrated (still requires the tracks)

      The two other islands in Zeal are now fully explorable
      1999 is now partially accesible

      Full new dungeon in 2300ad
      Chrono's mom has a bedroom

      Choras has a small ferry station.
      Reptite Village in 65000000Bc

      Optional battle with the 'Prophet' in the second visit to Zeal

      New weapon for Ayla that inflicts random status    

               Rebalance or Gameplay changes

All Rock triple techs learned permanantly by events and no
longer require an accessory slot.

Spekkio changes forms when beaten not dependant on player level.

Must beat both sides of the factory in 2300

Filling house whith cats much less grindy

Levels gained quicker overall but stat gains spread out to
level ** instead of 50, making the game more challenging but
with better progression.

Marle and Lucca have much better Hit growth allowing them
to use physical attacks more effectivly.

A few DS or Japanese uncensored equipment and Tech names restored

Haste, Protect and Magic Wall now target whole party. 

               No enemies Charm Megaelixers

               Few enemies drop items   

          all single tech heals have reduced power

Lightning 2 and Life are swapped to make Chrono consistent with the others

Required TP is adjusted to keep the characters learning at the same rate

      Optional Patches

Magus Cape turns his cape red like in the animated cutscenes

Autorun makes run the default, hold B to walk

Human Glenn is contingent on beating Magus, he will (for now) only be human at the end of Time, the campfire scene, and the ending.


Made in China

Because it isn't in the readme - johnny's race also had a couple of bugs and text/items given mismatches, if you want to fix it.


Quote from: Made in China on October 03, 2017, 08:29:22 PM
Because it isn't in the readme - johnny's race also had a couple of bugs and text/items given mismatches, if you want to fix it.
There are a couple patches for this bug that already exist, however it's fixed in a way that's a tiny bit messy.

Made in China

The patch he's describing shuffles things around and might be incompatible with existing patches. I'm not demanding it - but if he's already does a definitive Chrono Trigger patch integrating fixes from other patches might be worthwhile.

Personally, I'd want LethargicOwl's retranslation integration - but I know it really isn't the place or time to ask for that.


There are some spelling errors fixed but not a full retranslation, as for the bike race the patch here probably wouldn't be compatible, what precisely is wrong with the race?

Also it's kinda hard and most ignore it, it should have something super awesome for a top tier prize.

Made in China

Yeah, most race items are disposable items. Some cost a lot of money, but seeing as Chrono Trigger was a bit on the easy side originally they weren't too valuable.

What's wrong with the race is that some texts (best prize one IIRC) wouldn't show up AT ALL, and the other texts wouldn't match the items that are actually added to your inventory. Will edit this post with the romhack that fixes it (assuming that its readme will have a better description).

The promised EDIT:

Also 2 bug fixing patches that might be of interest: