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Chrono trigger plus

Started by ThegreatBen, January 22, 2017, 06:29:11 PM

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far enough along in this that I think its time to post it here, this project is an expansion of the vanilla Chrono trigger that adds new areas and alot of unused content.

Includes full exploration of all Zeal continents and a new time period 1999.

New dungeon in 2300ad using the previously unused coliseum

The Porre Ferry now goes to Choras allowing its exploration from the beginning

Triple techs from Rocks are now learned permanently thanks to coding by Mauron

Crono's mom now has a room

Singing mountain and Battle 2 songs are added in

The frog king and Johnny can now both be fought

2 unused weapons of Lucca's added in containing unique projectiles

Magus' red scythe from the ocean palace cut scene can now be obtained.

Also a pretty substantial re balancing thats a little tougher but makes everything more useful.

Chrono Trigger Plus latest version


Pictures aren't shown for me but this is pretty cool.


I had no clue how to add pictures, I used rhdn's scratchpad and posted the link in the topic. Odd though because I can see them fine when I view it.


That explains it. The scratchpad is a private uploading system that's visible only visible to you. If you want to show off your screenshots publicly, I'd recommend a site like imgur.


I don't think you're copying the right links.
When you view a picture on imgur, there should be a menu on the right that's like "Get link", and then you want "Direct Link". The link that starts with http and ends with the actual filename and extension (like png).
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Thanks, I got it figured out now after I accidentally quoted myself.


It could be possible also to use Gaspar as a playable character? (IIRC he was considered to be playable).

Good luck with this effort!


When the eighth character hack is complete and you have a ton of free time to draw the sprites you can add anyone you want.

Though I plan to use the slot for human Glenn


US or Japanese rom base?  If US, are the spelling errors fixed?  There have been several MSU-1 hacks for high quality music / cut scene videos.  Anything like that in yours?  Will human Glenn be available contingent on killing Magus?


I have a rather odd question, but I don't know if it can be done or not, but will it be possible to patch the DS version if you are interested once the SNES version is done? I understand though if that would require a lot of re-working, so it might not be possible.

I just would hate to miss out on something like this.


1 us rom, I can fix spelling errors quite easily, do you have a list?

2 I would consider my time spent hacking a complete waste if it was not compatible with quertymodo's msu-1 but he assures that it can be worked in later in the future.

3 I have started the sprite work for human Glenn but until the eighth character hack is complete it won't be possible.

4 @kallisto no it cannot, and even if I could hack the DS version the first thing I'd do is remove the extra dungeons anyway.


Actually it is possible to have human Glenn without the eighth character. It'd require a slight rewrite of code on how PC sprites are handled but it is very much doable.
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If you'd be willing to donate said code I'd be happy to do the events and add the sprites


This reminds me a lot of CE/FoE in a few regards. Consider me interested.


I don't have a list of the spelling mistakes, but I know there's a patch on this site that corrects them.


Quote from: andrewclunn on January 23, 2017, 10:49:37 PM
I don't have a list of the spelling mistakes, but I know there's a patch on this site that corrects them.
This is what you're looking for, though be advised that it changes the header to one that Temporal Flux doesn't recognize:
I also have an addendum to it, but it may not all be stuff you're looking for as I've gone a bit farther than that patch's intent:

Both have readmes detailing fixes, so you can just use them as lists instead of using the patches.  Mine is less useful in that regard, however it does list tech and monster name spelling errors.


Those two patches should be compatible with this, so I'll let people apply them as they see fit.

1999 or 1995 (I haven't decided yet) has all its NPC's finished it just needs one event then it's done.

January 24, 2017, 02:26:31 PM - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

Just noticed that you said the first one isn't compatible, maybe I'll check the readme and fix a few, the second patch should work just fine


The MSU-1 audio/FMV patch should be compatible, but it will require some additional work on ThegreatBen's part.  I'll follow up with him in a PM to see about getting the ball rolling on that.


Quote from: ThegreatBen on January 24, 2017, 10:52:52 AM
Just noticed that you said the first one isn't compatible, maybe I'll check the readme and fix a few, the second patch should work just fine
I'm not completely sure of the second either in that case, you might want to check it out with Patch Checker or similar later on to make sure.  I know that it doesn't cooperate with the MSU-1 hack.

No pressure though. :P


A quick update, 1999 is 100% done and Quertymodo is working with me to merge his msu-1 project into this, I just have to port my changes over to a clean rom.

I was about 70% done when my computer decided it's time to go get repaired, so I'm stuck for a few days.