Help translating Hokuto No Ken/Last Battle (Genesis/Mega Drive)

Started by phalanX, January 13, 2017, 03:09:14 PM

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Man, I've been waiting for years for this! Want it so hard that I check your thread from time to time. Even if my backlog is horribly big xD

It would be great to enjoy soon the original game and not the censored version I own.

:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


I agree, Hokuto no Ken is a great classic anime, and Genesis in my favourite console, so I hope the project can be finished.
Keep up the good work ;).



Using Google Translate: "Respond to the call of Bat and Lin!"

If I remember this correctly, this is based on Hokuto no Ken 2.


Looking for some news of the project, I saw this message I missed.

If it's still useful, here's the translation :

"Bat, answer to Lyn's love and live on together!"

(It's a dialog line displayed during the ending scene of the game).

There is also a "graphical text" at the end of the game, after the staff credits.


It would translate to something like : "Farewell, my rival..." (literally, "強敵" means "strong enemy").


ハ゛ットよ リンのあいにこたえ   : Haato yori no ai ni kotae "Answer the call of a heart's love!!

ともに いきてくれ!: Come with me, my friend!! (Tomo ni, kite kure!!)


Not that this matters, as it was answered ages ago, but ハ゛ット is BATTO, not HAATO, and there's a space between よ (exclamation particle) and リン (the name of Bat's love interest in Hokuto no Ken).

Lord knows I am in no position to cast stones about Japanese accuracy, but...


Hello! Sorry for posting on such old topic but i found it quite interesting. I also hope to see this project complete one day. Original game deserves a proper translation


I'm still up for helping with that one, the Sega Mark III one, Famicom 1&2, and SNES 6&7.
The RPGs aren't really my thing.


Woah, I had no idea this was a thing.

Has anyone PMed phalanX?

As crappy as this game is, it was one of the first Genesis games I ever played, along with Golden Axe and Altered Beast. Would be cool to have it translated, to go along with the SMS game.


project canceled or does the translation patch continue ?  :-\


I just searched for an english version of this. Is the project still active?


If necessary, I have a manga with well-written sentences to use in the translation, if it's not on the internet of course  :thumbsup:


Hey, I messaged you ages ago. Can you publicly release the work you have so far? I can ask around for help with translation. Would be much appreciated.


Quote from: phalanX on May 31, 2018, 08:06:17 AM
I'm happy to announce that the Hokuto No Ken/Last Battle project is ON again! Need to take care of a few more bugs and it's gonna be released.

A buddy who's helped me test it found a few untranslated lines. Two of them I could handle, but I need help with this line:

Google translate told this:

"Bat, answer to Rin and go with me!"

But I'm sure you already found the solution.
I'm intereste in this Hack, is it ready? Did you implemented blood? or it is only a text translation?


It's my fave HNK one, remember playing a bit with RAM ages ago!


Hi all, new here.
I'm a lot about translation or patch correction like Vilela's fastrom which are fantastic, or Arcade colours for Megadrive etc... Not that much interested by "Enhancement" hack : i like things to still close to the original, but debbuged or closer to the Arcade.

Thanks a lot for that website, i can't count the number of IPS or whatever Delta patch i've applied.

Well, sorry for the O.T., but i was absolutely waiting about that translations. People here too from what i've been reading since.
"Last Battle" was a bit basic, but with pretty big sprites and, you know "unwind" but also a bit "subtle" in terms of direction you got to choose (for example, you need to get back to a level to kill the 1st boss in 2 punches, if you don't do that he's strong)

Now, you add the real story of Hokuto no Ken part 2, after the Raoh part... I was a fan of the manga (later than his TV's diffusion) it was less repetitive of course, and smarter. The japanese version of that game is much more gore like the manga or series, and it's like Mortal Kombat 1 : people preferred the Megadrive version only for the blood ABACABB etc., even if the Snes was closer to the arcade visually.

In fact, we played with Last Battle a fake Hokuto no Ken 2, wrong colors, names, etc., sad.
I'm sure with people exploding and blood he would have been better rated. A bit like Robocop vs Terminator on Megadrive, i think without that gore style it wouldn't be that high in the heart of people(but i admit it's a better game but out years later)

So, i'm here just to say i'm very sad that project won't never concretise. Seemed some small sentences to translate, but nothing. I would love to know how to hack, i would restore it or continue.
Pretty sad, when i see some awful games translated  :'(