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Zill O'll infinite plus english translation

Started by Mugi, November 26, 2016, 06:55:25 PM

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Quote from: Tom on May 26, 2017, 01:55:23 PM
Those boots really stand out now!

i thought that leather is a bit more realistic than purple so adjusted it a little   ;)

I'll try to not spam these too much but oh well :P

here's a few tasty graphics updates;

upgrade comparison;

I gave the game a side by side run with the vanilla to see what kind of slowdowns does this actually cause, and the result is more or less hilarious.... (watch in 1080p)

after that i still couldn't believe it so i tested it on a real psp, and it stands. there are no performance issues whatsoever.

...Im amazed
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Okay it's been a while of silence but not idle :P
One of the bigger things that was left undone so far is almost there, and once we're done with some last minute fixes and testing, I'll supply Tom with some new toys to translate with, namely, the 6th iteration of our textpacker, which now supports variable codes to automatically handle scripts based on player characters gender.

>> text offset = 0x2CF
ORI_0007|ああ、ルルアンタ。#0A#あの子なら剣の稽古だと言って   #0A#町の外にある林に行ってるよ。
NEW_0007|Oh, Lulluantha... #She# said that #she# was#0A#going to go and get some practice#0A#with a sword outside of town.#0A##She# should be over in the forest right#0A#about now.

>> text offset = 0x328
NEW_0009|What is #she# gonna do if that group of#0A#weirdos attacks again, like before?

output for female;

output for male;

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Nice translation. I do like all the little improvements ... it looks fantastic. Will you provide a patch for purists? Just out of curiosity ... if I do play this game, I would obviously choose the improved version!


the current plan is to release the patch as a modular patches with (currently) options for;

1) psp soundtack or ps1 soundtrack
2) redone logotype (infinity; souls of zill o'll) or orignal logotype (zill o'll infinite plus) (includes titlescreen, XMB theme and saveicons)
3) psp style UI or ps1 style UI
4) psp 3d textures or remasted Hi-Resolution textures (double resolution compared to the originals)
5) the selection of the control button icons (original buttons, psp styled buttons or ps2 styled buttons, see my previous post somewhere in the thread for pictures)

Hi-resolution textures will be released as an optional mod. Im currently using it, and so does Tom. If it works as intended until the release, we will add it as an optional mod, but fully testing it on all possible situations and configurations is literally impossible, so it will be provided as-is.

the base patch will only include the translation of the script, the new font that comes with it, and all graphics modifications/translations.
the remaining things will be based on whichever you wish to use.

there will be NO "purist" script made separately, the version Tom does will be the one provided, and that's it. Our take on it takes some liberties with the texts to make it flow a little smoother from some places.
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This is a major step forward for the script.

With gender variables, I can avoid using awkward, gender-generic terms and deliver a much more natural-sounding script!

Thanks for integrating support!


Okay, it is now finalized, and should serve its purpose :)

here's all the variables available:
WTF - He/She - he/she - His/Hers - his/hers - His/Her - his/her - Him/Her - him/her

the "WTF" is a failsafe, in-case an incorrect tag is used, the text WTF will be printed instead of crashing the game.
the code uses male variables as tags, with an exception for #hers# due to conflicting pronoun with his/hers his/her, in all other cases, the male variable is used as tag.

for testing:
>> text offset = 0x328
NEW_0009|test #He# - #he# - #Hers# - #hers# - #His# - #his# - #Him# - #him#

male output

female output
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His / Hers and Him / Her aren't needed, though.

You can't start a sentence with Hers or Him.

The him / her and his / her tag will be enough for these two instances, along with ( His / Her ).


maybe so, but since they're there now, it wont kill either of us if they stay unused :P
Im not sure why binaryfail implemented them at the end (i gave him the list as you gave it to me), but it doesnt really make much of a difference (propably his OCD kicking in.)

just remember that the commands are case sensitive and you're good to go.
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Yeah, I was planning to just not use whatever I didn't need. I just thought I'd let you know, in case those other tags took up space that could be used for other hacks.


its still all good, we still have some bits and bytes left :) and the current texts i had to move into the free area we have is really unoptimized too so i shouldbe able to squeeze out a few bytes more if it comes to that.

expnding the elf is still also possible for virtually unlimited space, but im sort of hoping it never goes to that, since we actually tested it at an earlier stage of this project and that test revealed that our little expander tool still has an issue or 2 we need to sort out, so currently, expanding the elf would still have to be done by hand (we're talking about patching some hundreds of memory offsets :P)

June 25, 2017, 04:43:30 PM - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

Well, cant say this was easy to do, but we now have a cover for the hack too :)

i had to go through all forms of *cough* shady activities on the game's official site in order to obtain some high resolution material to work with...
oh well, the things you do...

have a potato quality sample with 29430798567946 watermarks because fuck repros!

retail cover for comparison:
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Do they even make UMD repros? I'd be genuinely surprised (and kinda happy) if they did. UMDs are loud and obnoxious, and digital is clearly the way to go, but it's fun to imagine a fully translated Zill O'll UMD in a complete English case with a fully translated manual.

I think in the digital era, people tend to brush aside boxes and manuals as unimportant, but to me, they are a very important part of the fun of getting a new game (though manuals have almost completely disappeared, which I really regret).

I'm almost done with the "gleaming golden fields" intro to the game. I'll send you the updated files soon, probably sometime this week.


apparently they do, though in a way so that instead of an umd, the case contains a memory stick with an iso on it.
I happen to have personal experience of this. My group was approached by a person once who wished to set up a shop and copyright our name in order to start making repros and, the best part; sue other people who would make repros of our patches.

Needless to say i had lots of fun with not going along with their ideas :P

speaking of umd repros, i would love to have a copy of the english patch on UMD too, but I guess that wont happen.
At the end of the day, I should just be happy that my wait with actually playing the game will finally be over.
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Ha ha, a memory card in a PSP case!? That's not a repro, in my book! Who would pay for that? At that rate, people should just a print their own cover and stick it in the original Japanese game case, between the plastic cover and the original Japanese cover, and use their own memory card.

I think that instead of not releasing materials out of fear of the repro makers, I think that we should release the materials openly so people can make a custom English package themselves without having to rely on people who overcharge them for essentially making a print out and moving a few files on their computer.


im not particularly worried about that to begin with, since the patch will be a little different from your typical "patch-n-play" patch.
the optional elements will make it customizable to every player's needs and making a prepatched iso would just get everyone stuck with whatever
configuration the patcher wanted to use, which is boring :P

and yeah, the whole memorystick in a case is hardly a repro, but the result is the same, they're just selling a freely available fan patch to people.
UMD's CAN be pressed, but i have no idea how to go through the required hoops of getting that done. i also have no idea how expensive that is.

Im not expecting that to stop people from distributing it prepatched though, nor am I even trying since that's just about the biggest waste of time one can come up with.
in any case, once I get the cover translations from you, i'll finish up the thing and put it out there for anyone to use if they so wish :P

on the side of the topic: i also made a twitter account which will be used for zill o'll stuff along with other crap im working on if someone feels like thats more their thing :P

July 01, 2017, 03:23:40 PM - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

heeeere we go with the updates !
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Don't miss the video link Mugi posted above, folks!


okay folks, im leaving off tomorrow night for a 2 week holiday so zill's programming side will rely solely on the other half of blacklabel translations, which is binaryfail (which means that more or less nothing will happen since im not here harassing him to work :P)

with that, here's a little update before im off.

the last graphical element that needed a translation was the battle arena entry texts, which took quite a bit more haxage than it was supposed to, nonetheless, it's one entry away from being complete, which also means that once it's done, the entire actually required graphics work is done, and only stuff regarding that that's left is working on the optional high-resolution texture mod.

only the "opponent" is still not working, and once it does, the translation of graphics is officially complete! :)
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Okay, I'm back from my vacation and got some shinies to show for that!
while i was gone Tom worked on translating the coverscan for zill and I started poking at it yesterday right after I settled down back home.

here we go, the first draft, completely in english (with 200% more watermarks!)


test print using the alternative logotype (infinity: souls of zill o'll)
retail on left side.

In PSP we trust.


been pretty quiet in here since i've been attempting to direct this projects attention towards the source a bit more (my own site)
but i figured i'll bear the news here too :)

so here we are, a debugging session started in april finally bore the fruit, and a hour ago, henrik merged a pull request on ppsspp master, which completely eliminates the existing blackscreen/crashing bug on Zill O'll, making it (as far as we currently know) 100% compatible with the emulator. it is now crash free on all 4 backends!! cookies and fruit juice for the devs!
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Quote from: Mugi on June 19, 2017, 09:54:57 PM
have a potato quality sample with 29430798567946 watermarks because fuck repros!
I'd be surprised if they can repro UMDs. Vic Ireland canceled his LE Class of Heroes 3 PSP plans due to getting UMDs printed anymore being impossible.
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