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Tengai Makyou Zero translation project

Started by Tommy, November 26, 2016, 09:15:06 AM

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Waiting the release here, I prefer play rpgs with snes9x gx on wii via CRT.
But atleast with pc, it's better to make snapshots if I found any problem to report.

Burnt Lasagna

Quote from: gadesx on October 21, 2017, 12:32:29 PM
Waiting the release here, I prefer play rpgs with snes9x gx on wii via CRT.
For anyone interested, I adapted DougRPG's spc7110 patch to Snes9x GX on the Wii.
Above is the modified source files for v4.3.7. You can get the full source below,
I've tested it with the patched ROM and it works.

Thanks DougRPG and Tom for this translation! :crazy:


It seems like there's some sort of problem with Higan 105. Both standalone and the Retroarch core.  It works well up until I save the game and restart the emulator. Then upon loading the game, the in-game clock says 0-0-2000.


Yeah, it seems to happen in Higan, but not bsnes. What about the cart, DougRPG? Does it save the time properly, or does it turn it to 2000 when you load it up?


Finally there. Thanks Tom, Doug and everybody implied in the project.

@Tom : I'm sure there is much more than 100 people that will download the patch.  ;)


I noticed that the .rtc files generated by bsnes 087 and Higan 105 are completely different. And also different sizes.


I tried DougRPG's SNES9X hack now, and it also screws up the date, turning it to 2045. It seems like bsnes is the only emulator that doesn't screw up the date. Clearly, something's not right. I'd like to know what the actual cart does.


It's finally out. ;D

This couldn't have been possible without the perseverance of Tom, DougRPG and everyone else who worked on the romhacking for this game. Thanks a lot for making this dream come true. I hope more people will get to know the greatness of the Tengai Makyou series this way (Oriental Blue was amazing gameplay-wise but a bit too removed from the series' visual identity for its own good)

I hope the rest will follow eventually. Especially the crazier ones like Kabuki's episode and a certain other game.


Some more tests:

Both Higan 104 and Higan 105 exhibit this exact same behavior with the Japanese ROM, so it doesn't seem to just be an issue with the hack.


So the big question now can only be answered by the one person in the world with the English cart:


Does the English cart retain the date properly, Doug?


I using DougRPG's snes9x and the clock seems to be working just fine.  :thumbsup:
I saved the game, closed the emulator and waited for a few minutes. The clock was still indicating the right date/time.
Having a blast here...  :beer:


I just woke up and TM Zero is out! :crazy:

One of the best days in retro translation community for sure. I am tearing up now  :'(


Here the cartridge is working fine. When I reload a previous saved game it shows the current time, as intended.

In the cartridge the Rtc is a independent chip that keeps turned on when you turn off the console (powered by the game's battery).
But in emulators I don't know how this works. The emulator shoud update the rtc file with the current system time when loading the game.


Well, this is one of the most important days in ROM Hacking and Translating history, guys.  Once again thanks to you all for the AMAZING effort put in this undertaking.  You'll see how this work will get its deserved value as time passes ;)

Quote from: Burnt Lasagna on October 21, 2017, 12:52:59 PM
For anyone interested, I adapted DougRPG's spc7110 patch to Snes9x GX on the Wii.

There could be a way to make this trick in order the game works on SnesGT for Windows?  ;D I hope someone could get this one working.


Guys, thanks for this great translation. You are a hero, Tom. Im a big JRPG and SNES fan but I have Xbox360 and Ps3 only plus I dont want to ruin the game experience on PC :) Its a real console game and I would like to enjoy on console. So my question is: is there any chance that someone will make an update on the SNES9X for Xbox360 or Ps3? Or on the Retroarch?


bnses 087 as recommended by Tom works fine saving, closing the emulator, and reloading. The time remains intact. It's using that XML file that came with the patch.  The .rtc file that's written to disk is 20 bytes.

Using the manifest.bml that comes with the patch, or the one auto-generated by Higan (in the case of the Japanese ROM), the .rtc file on disk is 16 bytes and they look quite different when comparing them.  In-game, doing the initialization and then setting the time will allow the game to work just fine up until the first time I save and close the emulator, and from then on the date is reset to 0-0-2000 every time I load the save. 


Many thanks to everyone involved in this project! The SNES has a special place in my heart with a lot of great childhood memories. Would have been wonderful to play a game like this back in the day but 22 years later has almost the same effect on me.


I'll try to fix RTC of this Snes9x I have here.