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Chrono Trigger MSU-1 (with FMV's)

Started by qwertymodo, November 17, 2016, 02:52:09 PM

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Quote from: Chronosplit on June 07, 2021, 11:26:49 AM
Neat.  Is this all that is required?

No, it works on his end because Bugfix and Uncensor already includes its own MSU-1 code.
DarkShock's patch used to partially work (albeit full of problems) because the patch was in the IPS format, which just forces those bytes into the ROM without first checking what's in there. You can't even patch this into Bugfix and Uncensor because of BPS' delta patching.

Also, even if you were to patch first and then force Bugfix and Uncensor on top of it, you would run into multiple issues from data that got moved to another location or outright corrupted regions of code (Bugfix and Uncensor's MSU-1 code location is also used by this patch for a different purpose).


Quote from: Chronosplit on October 07, 2019, 11:35:47 AM
Quick question: do any of these sources let you download in FLAC?  I know Google Play downloads as mp3 from my last backup, and I think iTunes still does m4a?  What about Amazon these days?

Unfortunately I've verified that the iTunes version of the audio is lossy, even though the M4A format supports lossless audio. Amazon Music HD works with FLAC, but remember that FLAC converted from MP3 is not lossless, so it might still not be what we want.

I've also used Qwertymodo's JSON file to generate the PCMs as a base to create my own mod to the Steam version of CT, as it is much easier to mod than the ROM. Unfortunately, I haven't the time to see if all songs are properly normalized in the game (And I probably wouldn't be able to tell, as I don't have a good ear for this kind of thing). And I also would like to have Qwertymodo's permission to publish such a mod, as the project of porting this music to the game is his brainchild.


Anyone knows if there's a Chrono Trigger MSU1 with all 10 FMVs?

I've found a couple of sites stating that there's only the intro FMV implemented, but some YouTube videos seem to be stating otherwise.