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Chrono Trigger FMV's (SNES/MSU-1)

Started by qwertymodo, October 18, 2016, 03:21:10 PM

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Yes this hack is compatible with Temporal Flux (and actually relies on it). I took Mauron's suggestion to hijack/repurpose the unused "color crash" command to play the videos, and then I also hijacked the"Special Dialog" command to use one of the unused shops to immediately exit, which triggers a reload of all of the graphics for the location. Then, I used Temporal Flux to actually insert the events into the script. However, as far as the suggestion to skip the duplicate events in the in-game script, my intent is to match the PSX/DS release, and in both cases, the full script was shown, so I'm leaving that as-is. But like I said, it's compatible with TF, you can edit it yourself if you feel like it.


I dont really mind it either way, but it just struct me as odd that it would do that intentionally, seems kind of redundant to show the same scene twice.
I've never messed with snes games so not quite sure what would come out of that but maybe i'll give it a go someday just for shits 'n giggles.
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