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SD Splatterhouse needs a better sub-title

Started by Spinner 8, November 02, 2016, 11:21:12 AM

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Spinner 8

Hello my friends. Sorry that there isn't a better place to put this.

I'm re-doing the SD Splatterhouse translation as a low-priority project... My earlier efforts were kind of sloppy, and I think the game deserves a lot better.

The problem is with the game's sub-title. In Japan the game's known as Splatterhouse: Wanpaku Graffiti, which I guess translates to "naughty/playful graffiti". This is an absolutely terrible sub-title. And, I can't think of an English version that actually sounds good. Even "Wanpaku Graffiti" on its own sounds stupid.

So my question is:
1) Can anyone think of a better wording of this? The front-runner so far among my friends' suggestions has been "Goofy Graffiti", which gets a bonus for alliteration, but still isn't great.
2) Should I just leave it in Japanese? I went this route with Ganbare Goemon, and I think it worked out fine.
3) Would it be better to just think up a new sub-title entirely? "Super Deformed" isn't so bad, right? Or maybe something else?

Thanks for your input. :)


I'm kinda partial to how TimeWalk tackled it with their reproductions with "Splatterhouse SD":

It is simple enough. Not sure a full subtitle is necessary; "Monster Party" didn't carry over the "Parody World" subtitle stateside. Maybe "Splatterhouse Special" if anything; as Kid Dracula is "Castlevania Special".

Used those two games as examples as they all fall in that NES horror parody realm to me.


I absolutely concur. Splatterhouse SD is the perfect translation name for it as it gets the point across, most of us know what SD means and it's quick and snappy.Verry apt.


If you go with the SD, it's usually goes like SD Splatterhouse. Otherwise, I'd suggest something random, playful and parody-like.


Think the japanese Title is more meaningful than the translation itself.
Think should be translated like "Misguiding Picture"
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"Splatterhouse: Splattered Down"  ;D

Like the PSP's "Rockman Rockman" to "Mega Man: Powered Up"


Sabin Stargem

I would like to suggest this:

Splatterhouse: Spooky Dream

Aside from being easily abbreviated as Splatterhouse SD, it references one of the endings that suggest Naughty Graffiti is Rick having a premonition of the mainline Splatterhouse games.  That, and people think "Spooky" as Halloween fare in terms of scariness.


Believe it or not, I'm 100% responsible for that CIB Splatterhouse SD design. I use to be part of the Timewalk team when we were still around. I myself was never really a fan of the whole "wanpaku graffiti" sub-title either. Splatterhoue SD seemed a lot more appropriate and fitting to me so I went with that. ;D

Spinner 8

Thanks everyone. :) I've going to ponder on this a bit further, but I might just stick with "SD" after all.

Quote from: Zynk Oxhyde on November 02, 2016, 09:34:06 PM
"Splatterhouse: Splattered Down"  ;D

Like the PSP's "Rockman Rockman" to "Mega Man: Powered Up"

I actually really, really, really like this, plus it's got the whole "SD" abbreviation that Sabin Stargem mentioned. :) But I just realized that going with my own subtitle kind of makes it sound like it's a cool ROM hack, rather than just a minor update to a minor NES translation.

EDIT: there should totally be more SD Splatterhouse ROM hacks though.