SNES : how to add yy-chr palette and graphics to asm files

Started by phil123456, October 27, 2016, 10:20:29 AM

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I just followed a tutorial here and built my first SNES asm program

now that I got yy-chr running and exported bitmaps (.chr) and palette (.dat), I have no clue ho to add these to my asm file for compilation

I read many things about rendering and dma, but nothing says how to actualy add these data to the rom file



I don't know anything about SNES programming, but can't you add them as a byte array? Like it was done here:


Yes, you could define individual bytes like that, but that's not very good for larger data or external files.

You need to look at the documentation for the assembler you are using. In most, there will be a directive to include a binary file. If the assembler you are using does not have one, you can switch to another that does. Most of the ones carried in the Utilities section have this feature.

Or, you can insert these binary files completely separate from the assembler via a shell script, or utility. Heck, you could even cut and paste it manually in a hex editor! But that's certainly not the most elegant way.

ANY means that simply inserts data into a file can be used. That's why there is no direct answer to this question. You could just as easily whip up a program yourself to do this in a few lines of code in most languages as well. It's just a file operation.
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I thought people new more about yy-chr
it's the recommended soft to use for snes
but it does not do text hex dump, it's so hard to find infos about that
I dont even know why I want to program a snes game, apart for the sake of curiosity

90s comeback

Is the YY CHR capable of creating graphics from scratch, like importing a PNG image and convert it into Snes fotmat without distorting its palette?, cause i made some tests using Tile Editor (BMP), modifying an existing rom (Street Fighter 2), and it mixed and distorted colours. My goal is to create a Snes rom (still learning) and i have some images in other formats and i want to import them to the rom and maintain their palettes. Thanks.


You can import a BMP image after you select SNES format in YY-CHR. IIRC it doesn't accept all BMPs, that depends on the image editing tool you are using, also the image should be 128x128. Make sure the picture doesn't have more colors than SNES can handle.

Colors will be messed up, because YY-CHR is not a Vanga and doesn't know what order they must be put in for your game. Load your palette file and swap colors in a correct order, it might take you some time to figure out. Then the image should be ready to be inserted in your game.