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My Captain Rainbow Translation Project for Wii

Started by MarkAss, October 06, 2016, 10:06:45 PM

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Piling on to say thanks, too. This translation is the reason I modded my Wii, and I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see someone finishing it. This is my dream come true, and you are my Captain Rainbow :thumbsup:


HAHAHAHAHA!!!  :laugh:
That's great! Thank you for the smile, and everyone for support!  ;D


I may need an opinion on translating the following screenshot;

Here's my translation;


Save Menu


Finally was able to register!  I can't say it as eloquently as some of the other posters but let me say *thank you* so much for working on the patch.  I just received my japanese import copy (mostly because of this thread) and am very excited to play this.

Just curious though - how far along are you now?  Have you been enjoying the game?

Also - would it be possible for you to upload your files somewhere from time to time?  Maybe on a monthly or bi-weekly basis?  We could help you catch any issues.

Mr. Tenda

Wow, thank you for picking this project up! Really looking forward to playing this :D


Thank you, and Happy New Year to everybody.

Yes, I am enjoying the game, and the artwork is very pretty, I think.
I will release a patch when the first stage is playable in English completely.


Main Shrine #1

Gameplay Part 2


This looks very nice. Keep up the good work  :thumbsup:

BTW from the screenshots, there are 4 instances of "you" that you might have missed changing to "ya" or "yer". I believe she has some sort of country girl accent?


You are absolutely right, and when you look through the translation from Kirameki, the character "Hikari" does mostly use "Ya" and "Yer", but some of the document uses "You", probably not caught in translation, and I've been mostly copying and pasting from their docs.
I will review Hikari's script and correct her accent.
Thank you for catching that.


I'm happy someone has started to continue this project! I've been watching Kirameki hoping for a breath of life. Thanks MarkAss.  :thumbsup:

Shin Chan Doidao


Not over.
I got almost all of the scenery descriptions done, and did some work to Hikari's Main Shrine, which is located in another file that I can't remember because I'm on my phone.

Just had a crazy ice storm that knocked out power for three days. When it came back I couldn't get my laptop past boot menu. I got my files backed up, so I will be starting again soon as I replace/fix my laptop.


Sorry to hear about your laptop, that really sucks. I hope you didn't lose any important data!

I grabbed a copy of the game off of a couple of weeks ago. Really looking forward to it, whenever it is you're able to continue!


Holy cow, this is awesome. I played the game through once in Japanese and it's pretty fun even without knowing exactly what is going on.
I followed Kirameki's efforts and when they announced that the patch would not be forthcoming it was pretty heartbreaking. Thanks for not letting this one get lost  :beer:


I'd love to finally play this game, I bought it in Japan waiting for a translation.

I just want to tell you good luck. We're all counting on you.


Taking me a little longer to get back to this project then expected, please email [email protected] if you have knowledge in hacking and are interested in the work made so far.

I have a laptop ordered, but not sure when my next post might be, but happy to answer questions if needed.


Glad to see you're continuing with this and sorry to hear about the laptop, even though I'm not working on my own patch anymore I'm hyped to finally be able to play the game eventually.


Sorry to hear about your old laptop.  Did you manage to get your new one?  I'm really looking forward to the full translation!  Thank you very much for effort you've put in so far.

I will admit, your last post leaves me a little concerned.  However, if you can post the files you've finished, someone else here could build on it and continue your work!


Just got a copy of a patch from Esperknight, and we are going to combine our work to bring this project closer to completion.
More info to follow since we are trying things out right now.

You guys keep asking to post work, well try this;
(The home menu freezes on Wii console, but works on Dolphin emulator. Known bug.)

Copy your game disk to ISO, ( imgburn),
Open xdeltaUI.exe from download link.
Select ISO and downloaded patch. (In patch folder)
Create new ISO, load in Backup loader of choice.


Quote from: MarkAss on June 12, 2017, 11:55:51 PM
Just got a copy of a patch from Esperknight, and we are going to combine our work to bring this project closer to completion.
More info to follow since we are trying things out right now.

Awesome news!!  Thank you both.

I only had time to play a few minutes but the patch works quite well.  Can't wait to play more, I was laughing at some of the lines :)