My Captain Rainbow Translation Project for Wii

Started by MarkAss, October 06, 2016, 10:06:45 PM

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UPDATE - August 1, 2017

I am going to put this project into an easy to read website.
I will still post updates here, but this looks a little prettier and easier to read.
I would like to report my findings while attempting a translation of Captain Rainbow for the Wii.

Sneek Peek Gameplay Preview (low quality, sorry)


So as for translating the game, that is already completed and well documented at

Thank you Kirameki Translations for all your hard work!

It even tells you what files the text is in. All text in in a folder called "bin" and have .bin extension.

The pointers seem fairly simple, I have already completed the opening video sequence (stage28.bin")

- UPDATE - October 28, 2016 - globals.bin is almost complete. And I have also learned how to create variables in global.bin and pass them over to the stage file. Now if there is difficult text to move, I can create the text in globals.bin and use it, as long as the text is >= 4 bytes {needed to call variable}

I am now working on finding missed japanese from translation and correcting.
Whole game is at about 95% done

Also, I downloaded the Captain Rainbow theme song for the start of the game, that was English translated from YouTube, and replaced the original "title.thp" with that one. (Using

Get Text From Image -       <------ Screenshots to copy paste text for easy Japanese search

Cheats -      - Test items

Pointer Screenshots


More info to come.


I've been tinkering with this one too some time ago (more curiosity than anything else), and I had a chunk of Stage01.bin and globals translated, and also the introduction, but I'm not very good with pointers and some sentences or names were too large to fit so I had to change them a little, which made me doubt if I should continue...

For example, there's an item named "perfume of sweat, tears and blood" which obviously doesn't fit in the original allowed space, so I tried to give it a silly name like real life perfumes have, and I went with "Souffragance", which is the combination of Souffrance (Suffering in french) and fragance. Even if I think it's an "at least okay" way to "localize" that, there's also the point that it's not exactly the same as the japanese name...

And at the same time, I also doubted if the translated lines provided by Kirameki should be insterted as they are, or they should be cleaned.

But I didn't want to ask here because, for one, it was just an experiment and I didn't want to give hopes when I don't even know if I could finish it, two, translations seem to be quite subjective theme, and three, the more I was advancing, the more I was asking myself if my subpar skills would provide a good translation... Or at least an okay one so others could enjoy the game.

I have around 1.300 lines of text (going by Kirameki's google doc) from Stage01.bin edited (although some of them could be done better, as I improved a bit as I was advancing), which is around 10% of the file's text.

A screenshot from the beginning of the game:

I wish you all the luck.
I'm off for some time. If for some weird, strange, and important reason, you need to talk to me, just send me a PM and probably I'll read it whenever I come back.


I would love to play this game if it ever gets translated. Keep up the good work  :thumbsup:


The size of the text can be adjusted by creating a new text area at the bottom of the file.
Most pointers I am encountering are called by the previous text block. See screenshot;

The first red code shows where the next text starts (The next red "24"hex or "$"ASCII)
The code after this shows the next text area.

Simply copy all the code starting at 048f to 04e3 (Not 04e4, since that is where the next text starts),
and paste it at the bottom of the file. Insert as much text as needed into the area where Japanese text is visible.
Keep in mind formatting codes used as well, like new line or text color (see side notes in screenshot)

Take the address from where the new code started (example: EDE2), and point the correct pointer to this new are (E2ED)
or if it is a large file (E2ED17) 17 being the first line of the address.

I am self taught, so forgive me if this explanation is not quite clear.


Also, I have been cleaning up grammar and rephrasing bad English in the Kirameki translation.

Back to work for now, thanks for replies.

October 09, 2016, 05:54:28 PM - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

Adding this code around words will change the text color.

Sky blue color text start -    11 00 00 44 4C 64
Sky blue color text End   -    11 01 00 00 00 00

{} = hex code
Example:  black words black words {11 00 00 44 4C 64} Blue words{11 01 00 00 00 00} black words

Changing the 3rd, 4th and 5th bytes change the color.  ( 11 00 00 44 4C 64 )
Use HTML colors to choose.



YouTube video of changing text pointers in globals.bin

Find text to edit.
Take offset address
Subtract in HEX (Offset - 18)
Flip numbers (2:A1D2  =  D2A102)
Search for hex code
Change hex code to new offset address (don't forget -18)

The rest of the "item pickup" code was elsewhere in globals.bin.
It has now been translated.


Hi there, just wanted to pop in and let you know we're rooting for you. I've been striving for a full translation, and its release, for some time, even going so far as purchasing a copy of the game when the previous team announced they had completed the translation (not the patch, however). I'm so excited someone has decided to carry the torch for this wonderful game.




I have completed the items list with item descriptions in globals.bin.
Full Item names and descriptions are coded in by moving pointer tables.

Some descriptions seemed long, and the formatting was hard to make stay on the image of paper shown in the game;

(This is not a long description screenshot.)

So I figured out how to change the attributes of the image in the "menu.brlyt" file

I will probably change the size of the image smaller when I format the larger descriptions the way I like them.

So globals.bin is about 90% done, if somebody knows how to type Japanese, please write the sentence shown in the screenshots above in a reply.
I just can't seem to find it in the code, or in the translation, and a copy and paste would be helpful.


Quote from: MarkAss on November 01, 2016, 05:27:12 PM
So globals.bin is about 90% done, if somebody knows how to type Japanese, please write the sentence shown in the screenshots above in a reply.
I just can't seem to find it in the code, or in the translation, and a copy and paste would be helpful.



Thanks friend. I did a full "find in files" search and found it in the main.dol file.
It looks like a lot of menu text is located here. Thanks for your help!


Hi, I'm from Kirameki, and all this looks awesome!

It is the best result I've seen until now, and it's awesome to hear about the thp conversion from the youtube video.
The most complex part of a patch has always been the stage01.bin, so I wish you the best of luck with it.

For who will fix the texts, there are several sentences that could be wrong depending on what things look like, or what actually happens on screen. For example that item 'shaped like a huge ear', now that I can see the image, doesn't look like a single huge ear but like a figure with huge ears, so maybe there was a mistake there. I'll have to check it out. Unfortunately we translated on text alone and japanese can be very very ambiguous without context sometimes. Once we get to test your patch, we'll try to help fix our mistakes as well. You can also point us out anything that sounds off compared to what happens on screen, so that we can clear the doubt. I'll check this thread every now and then, in case we can be of help with something.

Can I use one of your screenshots to let everyone who's following us know about your project?


Thank you for contacting me.

I can see why stage01 is the more complicated file, but I also figured out how to control variables in the globals.bin file and pass it over to stage01.bin, so the really hard parts, I can create in globals and insert a small code into the text portion of stage01 and no  text block needs to be moved.

You may absolutely use my screenshots, and my intention was to translate with your provided text, play the game, and change what didn't look right. This is only version 1.
I may also try to record my own intro song for the beginning in english, (I also sing), but that is a far away project.
Please feel free to pass on any information you find here.

If I had main menu translation, I just found that text in main.dol.

Thanks again for the contact.

Shin Chan Doidao

Nice Work Man!  :beer: for my opinion is better not change original sound open  :thumbsup: i like more subtitled then change everthing (sorry my english)



Thank you for the input.
I kinda figured others would not want an altered intro, which is why I made it a far away project.
The patch will definitely be original video with sub-titles.

Thanks for the reply.


Also, I have made some changes to the main.dol for some wii-remote messages;


I could complete the main menu if I could locate the text, but unfortunately, my Japanese writing/typing skills are horrible, and using OCR programs isn't working, probably background interfering.

If anyone wants to give assistance by typing Japanese found in the screenshots below, the start of the game would be complete, and I would be grateful.





I couldn't identify some kanji (image quality isn't good and I typed this on my mobile). If this isn't enough I can probably identify everything when I get home.

Edit: Done
はじめから     もどる





I really hope you know just how helpful you are!
Not only you, but this whole community is awesome! :thumbsup:

Also I changed the graphic options in Dolphin, and now the screenshots seem to be clearer.


Thank you for button text, I will change that when I get a chance, but they are images in TPL format, so it will take some brushing up with GIMP before that gets done.

Thanks again!


New Button Text

New Game Menu

Continue game menu

Testing Gallery graphic


Sneek Peek Gameplay Preview (low quality, sorry)



My pleasure!

Truth is I always wanted to try Rom hacking, but never had a chance, (busy childhood.)
But now I would like to scratch it off my bucket list, I am going to see this project through to the end.

Right now I am simply replacing Japanese text with English text, so not a-lot to report, big chunk out of stage01 though.

Thank you all for your support!  ;)


Loving the progress I see you have made MarkAss. Can't wait to try this one day hopefully


Once again, loving the support for this project, I was afraid I was the only one who still remembered this game!

Made great progress with creating variables for easy text changing.
First I moved the pointing table for the variables used for character names in globals.bin

Once I moved this, I had ample room to expand the character names, and successfully added new values to the end of this existing table, which I am using for hard to modify text in stage__.bin files.

Here is one in action;    -->  Only code added to stage01.bin was '0C001C00'
So as long as the Japanese text is >= 4 bytes, I can add any length of string I want displayed.
This is extremely helpful when dealing with text that is attached to other options, like a 'Yes/No' choice in the game, or a big screen event like character actions or camera changes.

Here are some character name variables in action;

And for anybody who caught the bad formatting in my "sneek peek" YouTube video, I am correcting as I go, don't get discouraged!

Lastly for today, I have also come up with a way to patch ISO using Wiimms ISO Tools, ( )
Combined with an IPS patcher, (I am trying several right now with good results, but I just can't pick one yet.)
Batch file tells Wiimms ISO Tools to extract files from ISO,
IPS patcher patches necessary files,
CMD replace some custom graphics files, (Example: English Startup Safety Screen .TPL )
Wiimms compiles data back into WII ISO.
CMD deletes temp files.

Hopefully Riivolution will work fine, but now I have a backup plan if something won't work with Riivolution patch.