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Mega Man X5 Improvement Project [PSX]

Started by DarkSamus993, October 04, 2016, 12:34:01 PM

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Quote from: Kallisto on November 13, 2016, 09:54:00 PM
Quickman's theme? Are you talking about the Cyber Maze Core?

They really sound nothing alike honestly.
Listen to the beginning of Quick Man, then listen to the beginning of it, and you'll hear it, or you should.

Thirteen 1355

That's another thing. They don't sound alike at all.
Helicoptering about till I find some ROM hacking treasure.


In regards to the Duff McWhalen stage music, another option is to have a 50/50 randomization.  Half the time it would be the original theme, and half the time it would be the unused theme.  The theme gets picked at random.  So it adds slightly to the replay value of the game.  Adding replay value to a game whenever you can is a very good thing.
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Maybe even a ratio of unused to bubble crab of 10:1 so it's more of a treat when it pops up for new players.
Combined with a new optional toggle for people that prefer one or the other then all bases are belong to us.


Zero Dozer

Don't tell me this project died down in activity.


Quote from: Zero Dozer on December 10, 2016, 10:53:25 AM
Don't tell me this project died down in activity.

It's still on-going, I've just been busy helping out someone with their hacking project and real life things taking up most of my time. Don't worry, this project isn't dead.


Hi, i have one sugestion.(really my wish)
Unblock voices zero and x ingame.
In localization capcom usa only blocking content. ( all voices in cd. Try psound.)

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I updated the boss names with the proper palettes:


Wait what? This game had extra voice files?


Quote from: Kallisto on December 31, 2016, 11:46:26 AM
Wait what? This game had extra voice files?

Just a couple, probably because they were too lazy to translate X and Zero's extra lines when they perform an action (eg: firing a charge shot with X). Instead they just reuse one of the other sounds (such as jumping) as a replacement or simply don't play anything at all (I haven't studied this in-depth). I believe X6 left out the same ones as well.

Here's their voices if you want to take a listen (converted to WAV with PSound).

Zero Dozer

I guess they quite much avoided dubbing X5 and X6 after the disaster that was X4.


I've always liked X4's english voice work. It's way over the top, infinitely quotable and besides, Megaman (and X)'s voice actress sells Tokyo real estate now. which means as far as I'm concerned, Megaman sells real estate.

I wish X5 and X6 had not only voice acting period, but the same voice cast.

Zero Dozer

No. Just no.

I'd prefer X7's voice acting.


It's a case of being so bad it's good.


Command Mission and X8 were the first (and probably only) x faces to have decent acting in my opinion. X4 was horrible. 7 wasn't good either but it wasn't cringe worthy at least. X8 and command mission finally got it right I think, and I'm pretty sure they share the same cast.

On topic: this looks amazing. Simply replacing the stupid guns n roses names would have been enough to have me sold.

Zero Dozer

X8, Command Mission and Maverick Hunter X share the same common voice acting when it comes to X and Zero (and Sigma and Vile for X8 and MHX), as the three games all had different characters. But X8's VA surely takes the cake for being the best on the franchise aside from the Legends series.


I never was a fan of the English voice actors in all the PlayStation/Saturn/PSP era Mega Man games, I though they were all terrible in my opinion. That's why I imported the Japanese versions of all the games, so I can listen to better voice acting.


Some humble suggestions:

One of the most unspoken things that I think everyone knows since X4 came out, and needs to be addressed, is the fact that every time you die your weapon energy gets refilled thus making energy balls useless, and killing off a huge thing in the mega man series, I've never once remembered ever needing a energy ball in the PSX series, or thinking of them as a lifesaver. This is a flaw that needs to be fixed, and is made even worse when you get the armor piece that makes weapon energy consumption less. Not only should you make weapon energy consume more energy like in the first X game ,but upon re spawn you keep the current amount of energy, making the game feel more risky and making your game play choices more serious. In case you DO need energy in emergency or extremely difficult cases you place some energy balls along the way. Also if on Xtreme you remove the game over checkpoints, like in the SNES games, where when you get a game over it returns you to the stage selection screen, instead of staying in the same level, with the option to save. This modification will surely make this hack a must-download for ALL mega man gamers.

Also there are two levels that could be improved upon, those being Dark Dizzy's stage and Tidal Whales. The problem being with Dark Dizzy is that the first segment of the level alternates between being slow on purpose to being normal, which honestly feels like lag, and if you could instead try something else like making the stage more like Spark Mandrills stage from X1.
Tidal Whale seems like you've already tried something, although a more difficult boss fight is in order as well as Izzy glows and the other ones suggested by other people, basically buff up all the bosses difficulty like in X3, on Xtreme, regardless of how many hours left, while making the hours slightly increase their difficulty only spiking toward critically insane on the last handful of hours and increase their health. Bring the difficulties to the boss rush, and slightly increase the other Sigma bosses for consistency. Again, for those complaining about the difficulty, this is on Xtreme, where I didn't really feel a difference. Keep Black Devil's one-hit kill on Xtreme. This will provide a sense of epicness like the nes-era where you completed insane difficulties feeling like Jesus.

Then theres text scroll, and cutscenes. For those who have already beaten the game once and seen the cut scenes, they would like to press start to skip them, (not the Alia dialogue, that ik you've fixed) like in X6. The text scroll is also somewhat annoying and if could be made like X6 soundwise. I don't think it's necessary to add the unused sound effects after the X4 crisis of "Its time to get serious!" somewhat annoying sound effects, I think X5 has it pretty much perfect, except for the squishy wall jump sounds ,could you instead replace the sound; with the wall jump sound from the SNES ,to keep up that epic experience.

In terms of weapons, make Skivers weapon attack wider upwards and make it so you can actually influence the direction it travels diagonally. Make the Spike ball fire and recoil faster, but this might make Sigma's final form easier so slightly decrease the damage to the bosses it affects. Make the Giga Attack trigger the purple blocks upon execution due to how easy it is to kill Sigma with the attack. Make Zero's shredder attack actually hit the target.

Probably the greatest thing you could also do is bring back the SNES era life bars (and an option to enable/disable them), in this beautiful hybrid created here and add the colors/fading colors to it:
OH man I would really love you then.

Oh and one more grand thing! When you beat the game 100% on Xtreme with the best ending, when you start up the game and are at the game start, continue screen, option menu, the game replaces the background with the highest quality image of this!

This will be like Super Mario World when you collect all the Yoshi coins, adds an unlock-able, and will greatly increase the games replay value, as theirs nothing to unlock after completing Xtreme mode. Also I've noticed that upon selecting Xtreme and rebooting it turns back to normal which I find as an error.
Also if you could add X7's Sigma theme to play randomly on Xtreme or an option to enable/disable that:
In addition on Xtreme add the unused soundtracks found here!

And if possible an option to add an enabling of the soundtrack remixes of X5 from this album into the game on Xtreme

These modifications will make the game perfect, and I honestly can't thank you enough.  :thumbsup:


How far are you in the project? Seeing that this almost has 10k views already.