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Megaman Origins for the NES

Started by RetroRain, April 20, 2015, 07:12:21 PM

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QuoteHow about making a new Mega Man via hacking a NES Mega Man game?

and we the community will give ya entries to make it the best we can make up

I suggest taking a MegaMan game and turning it into a Magical Doropie game. I would much rather play as a cute little witch than a blue robot boy.

EDIT: Ah. I see that this has been done with MM4. More please. :)
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On occassion people have asked about getting this patch. I took it down shortly after its initial release because I didn't realize that the actual ROM data of both games was included in the patch. So, I took it down for legal reasons.

However, before I uploaded it to the RHDN database, I uploaded it to Ze Bucket, the site where you can't actually delete the files you upload.

I posted this little hint in a spoiler of one of my posts in this thread.

Since nobody really caught on to it:
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If Super Mario All-Stars for NES is still up then I don't think you have to worry about hosting a Megaman hack here. nintendo sends out more takedown notices than capcom does and they didn't bother with that rom hack.