Project Rohrleitung Gate(SMB1 Hack) (Now released)

Started by w7n, February 28, 2013, 09:30:18 AM

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13 Sept 2016 Update: It's now released on RHDN.
A playthrough video of this version:

Rohrleitung Gate is a project I started in 2012. Initially I didn't want to make a huge project, but now it's a 100+ KB ROM.
It probably should have been released in 2013, but after I completed the custom background mechanics, the lack of graphics prevented me from releasing it, and as of now this part is still very underdeveloped. Since I've shifted my focus towards Mario Gaiden, it's time to put the finishing touch to this hack and work on Mario Gaiden. (In fact that project borrowed several of the ASM changes from this hack)
Main contributor is me, co-contributor goes to GAP (GAP_15 on Baidu Tieba) for designing a few stages.

The game is a puzzle-solving game. It's not a maze like Extra Mario Bros. The course is linear, but almost every stage is a puzzle.

Current changes include:
-- Forward&backward scrolling within 2 pages.
-- Multi-layer background effect in various stages.
-- Koopa shells can break bricks and bump into hidden blocks, revealing them.
-- Enemies can appear on the first page.
-- Konami code(Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A) can be entered on the title screen, increasing the num of lives to 31 and activating hard mode.
-- Recomposed soundtrack. What's significant about the soundtrack: SMB only used the 4 traditional channels, but here I've made use of the DPCM and VRC7 channels. A PCM sound effect is also included.
-- More minor effects.


The background I used in a stage. Note that it's actually a multi-layer background: The stars won't move, the hills move at 1/2 speed, others move normally.
(It's not raster scroll of course, it's done by changing the CHR tiles. The limitation is that the background gets repetitive. If a part of the background doesn't use the multi-layer effect, that part can be completely user-defined.)

The infamous fake wall.(This is not a new effect.)

A puzzle-solving stage. The pipe shown is the exit, but it's blocked. (Things are not so simple here... Currently, this is the best stage I've designed in this project. Note: Edits are made to this stage later to fix some issues)


Looks like a sweet hack. I'm gonna check this one out


Wow.   This look awesome.   Can't wait to release.  I hope it is easy game.
Are you huge fan of Megaman Xtreme 2?   Then check this progress of Remastered version!


Looks sweet! For me as a german player the name sounds pretty awkward though^^
Operation Rohrleitung or Rohrleitung Transit or something like this would sound a lot better I guess.


Quote from: bradzx on March 02, 2013, 06:09:47 PM
I hope it is easy game.
Sorry but this game won't be easy... The game gets quite hard halfway through World 2, and gets hardcore(but not glitch-requiring) in World 3. In World 2, puzzle solving is harder than action though.

Quote from: ChronoMoogle on March 02, 2013, 07:16:23 PM
Looks sweet! For me as a german player the name sounds pretty awkward though^^
The name derives from the name of an anime. The anime itself says its name is strange(Lines of one character: 'You have German mixed up with English.')


Hard-type hacks are usually not known for being fun. You'll probably limit the appeal of your hack by making it experts only.


^ This

Maybe consider releasing an easier version as well.


So there are Steins;Gate influences in this project?
... interesting^^


I believe that due to the game mechanics, it's highly impossible to design a puzzle-solving stage that is easy in action(correct route) but hardcore in action(other routes). Probably design stages in which multiple routes are availble, and puzzle&action are balanced?

(My computer suffers from this post reply form! I even posted an unfinished post before...)


I wouldn't worry about the legality of the parody aspect. Parody poses far fewer legal problems than virtually every normal aspect of this hobby.

In any case, this looks fascinating as a concept. I like the aesthetic of it as well.


To me, it might if I know to figure it out.  :D  This hack might be fun.
Are you huge fan of Megaman Xtreme 2?   Then check this progress of Remastered version!


Started fixing some known glitches of the original SMB system... Now it's hardly possible to go through walls or do wall jumps.
One stage is now a mixture of SMB and a real retro game...



My hard disk is broken and data needs to be recovered. During this period I can not work on my project. Furthermore I haven't even got any feedback from this site. Excuse my thread-necromancing.


OK, the normal quest is released and I probably won't be working on the hard quest afterwards (I'm shifting my focus towards Mario Gaiden). This release can basically be considered a complete product, but since it's technically incomplete, I'm not uploading it to the database.

See #1


So far this is excellent. You must submit it to the database, otherwise it may not get proper exposure or even be forgotten soon. Although you didn't complete your original vision for this hack, what is there is great; it's clever, attractive and even sort of 'funny' so it deserves a spot. I also enjoy this new mood uncommon for a Mario game. Where did you get the music (main theme, game over)?

As of now I've completed what you depicted as the 'best stage'. The next stage after that is really hard. I'm almost out of ideas, so I even tried to carry over the star's invincibility effect from the previous stage into this one, but it seems travelling in the pipe cancels the effect.


This is way beyond my SMB skills, but I'm watching the playthrough video and it's very cool. Nice NES rendition of Gate of Steiner!