Sportweek Player Manager 2001 advice needed

Started by TonyBiH, September 15, 2016, 07:44:05 PM

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I need advice for editing Sportweek Player Manager 2001 for PSX. I was going to improve game by correcting names of players and teams like I was doing for on Player Manager 2000. I'm amateur in editing but I trying best I can. I practiced on Civilization II for PSX also with sprites and HEX editing of available text of game. What I need for Sportweek Player Manager 2001 is to correct names of players. I checked every trace of player names in image and then disassemble text folder and I checked names inside and all of them are fine and correct. But when I start game names are again messed up and faked by purpose. I need advice how to discover hidden places with HEX editor or somehow else. I repacked whole game and again check every file with HEX editor and not find any trace of that faked names. Im really puzzled for beginner. Any advice?