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Legend of Zelda: OoT/MQ & MM - Gamecube to N64

Started by Aroenai, September 11, 2016, 08:50:47 PM

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In 2002 and 2003, The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask were re-released on Gamecube using a Nintendo 64 emulator on the disc. Unfortunately there were some issues as a result of the rushed emulator, but the roms themselves included a few welcome changes to Majora's Mask and Ocarina of Time Master Quest included remixed dungeons for a new challenge. For Majora's Mask this includes sounds that were missing from other releases as a result of glitches and restored Zora Link boomerang physics, and various corrections to the text. The changes to Ocarina of Time are mostly bug fix related and the dungeon changes for Master Quest.

The goal of my patches are to revert the emulation/console related changes (changes that were required for the Gamecube console, such as button assignments and colors), various censorship, overlooked region corrections, and bug fixes. Only 3 of my 13 patches have been released on so far:

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask - Gamecube to N64 (USA, Europe, Japan)

But you can find the rest of them in the original progress thread from the Everdrive 64 forums, here:
Legend of Zelda OoT/MQ & MM - Gamecube to N64 patches (with fixes/decensorship)

Currently I'm working on completing the Japanese patch for the Majora's Mask GC rom but I'm not familiar enough with Japanese to be able to distinguish what text change is a correction or emulation related text change. Specifically, the other languages make subtle changes to the text to change references to "pressing" the C buttons to "tilting"/"using" the C stick on the Gamecube controller. Since the original Japanese release didn't include several new text references to saving at the Owl Statues or hints that were added in the international releases, it's not as simple as it was to port the original text for English, German, French, and Spanish.

Are there any Japanese translators available who can help me go through the text and correct as needed? So far I've only changed the references from "L" to "Z" (changing string length is not a problem, the offset table is just compressed in the rom)


Why only post the MM patches to the archive when this also has master quest and OoT versions?

BTW, the MM patch is also slightly outdated compared to the version on Everdrive64 forums.


This post is out of date, and the hack was updated for MM on 1/15/17 which should be current. OoT will be uploaded, i just haven't gotten around to it (need to make screenshot, make sure Ozidual is properly credited as the co-author, etc.)


BTW, i wanted to ask, are you ever going to make a .n64 version of the hack? I know that the gamecube dumped roms are .z64 but no-intro datsets want everything on .n64 (i'm not sure what they actually are, but sure isn't .z64).

I converted the roms naturally, because converting the patches would lead to a patch as big as the rom, but its bothering my OCD, on retroarch, where it looks ugly to have a (U)[!] style rom among others instead of the saner (USA) (Gamecube).


Most rom patches for N64 games are already made for Big Endian .z64 format. No-Intro uses hashes generated from the Byteswapped .v64 format and renames them to .n64 (which can lead to confusion since .n64 has traditionally been Little Endian format). I need to make my patch changes in Big Endian format, and the native format on the Gamecube discs is also Big Endian (why change it, if you already have the right format from your disc?).

I just use the shorter "(USA) (GC)" file name since I use an Everdrive 64 and the longer file name can get cut off on the menu. If you're getting "(U)[!]" retroarch must be renaming it, in which case I'd have no control over that.