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Author Topic: Cartographer dumping issue  (Read 1741 times)


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Cartographer dumping issue
« on: September 05, 2016, 09:57:28 am »
Hi guys,

i have a problem with the tool Cartographer. I want dump the script from FF4 retranslation.

One of this pointer is located at:


Termination byte is hex 00.

/00=<ED>\n (ED = EndDialog)
01=<NL>\n (NL = NewLine)

If i want dumpt the first Pointer. I got this one:

[Cecil] of the Red Wings!<NL>
The Village of Mist is beyond<NL>
the cave to th e northwest.<ED>

Cartographer recognized the hex 00 as terminator byte. Its okay, but the dialog has several 00 in the dialog.

Could i handle this on another way?

This would the full dialog for this pointer:

[Cecil] of the Red Wings!<NL>
The Village of Mist is beyond<NL>
the cave to th e northwest.<ED>
The king is acting more<NL>
and more erratic!<NL>
And all thos e who oppose him<NL>
end up like [Cid]...<ED>
Lord [Cecil]!<NL>
Please avenge t he king!<ED>
Why did the king teach the<NL>
Dark Sword to his men?<ED>
The King has hurt us so<NL>
much... He was never<NL>
like this before.<NL>
Why has he c hanged?<ED>
You were that Dark Knight!<NL>
How splendid you look now!<ED>
I hav e a bad feeling about<NL>
A foreign Monk was put in<NL>
charge of t he guards.<NL>
I hear he's searching<NL>
for someone.<NL>
I think he's at the i nn...<ED>
I hear the king was killed<NL>
and replaced by a monster.<NL>
And he has no heir either...<ED>
Whoa, it's a Dark Knight!<NL>
Scary! But kinda cool. ..<ED>
I wonder if that Dark Knight<NL>
really did die..<NL>
I kinda liked him! <ED>
Lord [Cecil]!<NL>
Kill [Golbez]e!!<ED>
The door to the building in<NL>
the west of town?<NL>
That's an underground waterwaythat leads to the castle.<NL>
 But it's sealed now.<ED>
This is the first time since<NL>
Baron was founded th at we've<NL>
been without a King...<ED>
The Dark Knight!<NL>
No...s-s-sir, I ha ven't been<NL>
speaking against the King!<NL>
I..I'll dance for you.<NL>
Ho w's that sound?<ED>
The King's been really strict<NL>
recently, and I'm not al lowed<NL>
to dance.<ED>
You were that Dark Knight!<NL>
You look so much better<NL>
 without all that gloomy,<NL>
sweaty armor on!<NL>
Come on, let's dance!<ED>

Here my current settings:

#GAME NAME:      FF2
#BLOCK NAME:         Bank2   
#TYPE:               NORMAL
#METHOD:            POINTER
#POINTER SIZE:      $02
#POINTER SPACE:      $00
#ATLAS PTRS:      Yes
#BASE POINTER:         $100300
#TABLE:               FF4-Dialoge.tbl
#COMMENTS:            No