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Author Topic: After editing what do I use to recombine PS2 files into a working bin/iso file?  (Read 1268 times)


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Like the title says. With some help, I figured out a way to extract the files from the compressed WAD.bin in Gauntlet dark legacy using quickBMS. So I am planning on making as many of the changes for the hack I am doing for the game in the files themselves (text, asm, etc). Recombining the files together into the WAD.bin again via QuickBMS once I am done works perfect but the problem is no matter what application I try, I can't seem to recombine the WAD.bin with all the files from the Gauntlet Dark Legacy bin back into a full Gauntlet Dark Legacy bin file in a way that it will boot up in PCSX2.

Using Imageburn, the file is smaller by about 300k (using iso, standard text and mode2 settings) and I have no idea why. I also tried just replacing the WAD.bin in the iso directly with Apache, but that doesn't work either. I also did what I call a "control copy." Meaning I extracted the wad.bin, then without modifying it tried to reimport it/recombine the files into the original Gauntlet DL BIN. It still didn't work.

Can someone please advise me on the correct way to recombine all the files of a PS2 game into a PS2 bin/iso? I'm sure I am missing some very small step and it is driving me nuts.  :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:

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LOL after spending HOURS scouring the net BEFORE putting this post up, right after I make it, THIS solved my problem:

Damn I feel dumb right now.  :-X

P.S. I also found cdGenPS2 after I wrote that last message. Which works even better since I just drag and drop the files and it directly adds them and burns them back to being a bin. Much faster than the previous steps I found.
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