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Attach a file

Started by 125scratch, August 28, 2016, 02:51:25 PM

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I want to know how to attach a file. It's not under "attachments and other options".


To the forums? It is not a thing here (presumably malware, bandwidth, storage...) concerns. There are a billion image hosts, as many text dump sites as you like, not so many video hosts but you are not without choice and also file hosts if you are not submitting and need to share something with the boards.

If you need a piece of temporary hosting for a file you are adding to the archive then


The Scratchpad link is ONLY for submitting content to the site. You cannot link to it for any other purpose.
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Even if you added files to the scratchpad, they are wiped eventually so it'd wind up a dead link.

Edit: There is a website called zebucket. It allows you to upload files without registering or anything. I used to use that before I learned about the scratchpad.


I know some like to use Dropbox here, and you can update RHDN projects with links from there.  It's probably the most reliable long term linking ootion for here.


+1 for DropBox.  Free & easy without the stupid download caps and other BS from turn-of-the-century sites like megaupload.


Actually, that's not true on Dropbox. Some users get their accounts suspended for "generating too much traffic." I have yet to see them unsuspended. It's stupid, too, if you think about it. The entire point of Dropbox linking is to share, but you can lose that by using It? - Randomize your FF6 experience!


Really?!  Yeah that sucks.  I haven't run into that problem yet.

Hrm.  Are there any better alternatives?