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The BIG list of randomizers!!

Started by SmashManiac, August 27, 2016, 09:54:57 PM

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Thanks everyone! :)

Added from this thread and the Wiki:
- Ocarina of Time (another one)
- Pokémon Stadium
- Super Mario Bros. 3
- Terraria

By the way, I found a few more older randomizers for Pokémon and Fire Emblem that I suspect deprecated. I will investigate them before adding them to the list.


Quote from: SmashManiac on September 27, 2016, 12:20:21 AM
Thanks everyone! :)

Added from this thread and the Wiki:
- Ocarina of Time (another one)
- Pokémon Stadium
- Super Mario Bros. 3
- Terraria

By the way, I found a few more older randomizers for Pokémon and Fire Emblem that I suspect deprecated. I will investigate them before adding them to the list.

I know that there were other Pokemon randomizers, but I think that the ones I have listed are the most commonly used (and possibly the best) ones.  If you find that the other Pokemon randomizers add something beyond the ones on the list, can you give some details?  I think I have to add Terraria to my list.

Dr. Jeckidy

I wanted to know how true randomness is generated in video games or technology period. If I recall, it has something to do with chaos theory and quantum stuff, something about true indeterminism not existing in digital technology because it is linear, or at least indeterminism as we perceive it in the external world.


Here's another kind of Doom randomizer:

What this does is instead of randomizing the maps it randomizes the monsters, every one of them is assigned a tier color.  Every color has a set spawn percent and strength, with many being boss-level mons easily.  Monster randomizers are everywhere but this one is probably the most fun and compatible with things (and of course, you can run this with Oblige maps as well as any other mod).

Oh, and Oblige got updated in a very big way.


I made a few changes to the list.

First, I added a brand new id Software section, which includes a bunch of new randomizers in it (including a No Man's Sky parody) and updated information about OBLIGE. The games are:
- Ultimate Doom
- Doom II
- Final Doom
- Samsara (unofficial Doom mod)
- Heretic
- Hexen
- Quake
- Quake II

Second, I also added a new randomizer for Gensokyo no Nazo that was listed on the Wiki.

And finally, I added a Deprecated section with old Doom, Fire Emblem and Pokémon randomizers that weren't on the list before. I also moved Catastrophe's Dragon Quest and Sanqui's Pokémon Red randomizers in that section, since I believe almost all of their features are included in the other ones. Please let me know if I made a mistake or if you believe another randomizer should be moved there, in particular for the Doom randomizers since I'm not familiar with Doom modding.

Dr. Jeckidy: What you are asking is unrelated to this thread. For more information, you should research RNG.

EDIT: Almost forgot to add the Reelism mod for Doom II in the list. This is now fixed.

EDIT 2: Added the Mother 3 randomizer that was just published on the front page. Also, I'm going to rethink the id Software section. It's kind of a mess right now, and the fact that I know nothing about Doom modding doesn't help. I'm open to suggestions.


More awesome randomizers:
- Borderlands 2
- EarthBound Beginnings
- Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky

More corruptor randomizers:
- Super Mario 64
- The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

More depredated randomizers:
- EarthBound

Big thanks to PBRGamer for continuing to update the wiki with fresh stuff!

EDIT: Clarified supported versions for the Mega Man Battle Network games, and renamed the Dragon Quest and Fire Emblem games to their official modern titles.

EDIT 2: Added a new Super Mario Bros. 3 randomizer, and moved the old one as deprecated.


This is my site im think im have it all, im in constant searching, check it if you want


Hey all,

I just created a new discord channel for general randomizer discussion.  Anyone who has some interest in randomizers and discussing them more should feel free to come aboard.  I envision this being used for a variety of purposes, and I hope you all join us if you want:


Thanks Kaltenborn! You had a few games I was missing, which I had added in the list:
- Pokémon Colosseum
- Super Mario Bros.

Also, I realized that the Metroid Prime 2: Echoes randomizer was merged with the Metroid Prime randomizer, so I merged the entries as well.

I joined the discord channel, thanks jkoper!


New randomizers added:
- Super Meat Boy
- Super Metroid (deprecated)

Thanks to Kaltenborn for the findings!

EDIT: Added Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories to the list!

EDIT 2: I was let known of a Paper Mario randomizer, but I've seen a few reports that it's not working. I tentatively added it to the list with a note.


*nevermind, ignore this


Added a Secret of Mana randomizer to the list! :crazy:

Also added the Doom weapons mod that Chronosplit originally suggested. I had completely forgotten to include it when I added all the Doom mods.


I tried the Pokemon TCG randomizer in this thread. After completing the randomized version, I wasn't really impressed with it as all it really did was shuffle the decks players use. So for example, you would go to the rock gym and play someone with a psychic deck, instead of a deck based around rock pokemon.

I found this one recently that randomizes the card data:

I haven't tried it yet, but it seems like more of what I was expecting, although the original author has stopped working on it.


Thanks a lot Lance, I've added the new Pokémon TCG card randomizer to the list!

I suggest you try combining both the card randomizer with the deck randomizer for your next playthrough. ;)

EDIT: The Guardian Legends randomizer is no longer behind a registration wall! The author kindly uploaded the latest version on RHDN after I asked him for a public link. The list has been updated accordingly.


Added two Hitman randomizers to the list. Although they do not actually alter the games, they generate a random set of additional requirements for each mission. I decided to include them despite the lack of in-game enforcement because they still affect gameplay.

Let me know if you also find passive randomizers like this.


I found a rather unique randomizer for Pokemon Crystal that I noticed wasn't on your list:


Randomly fuses Pokémon with matching evolution stage? That's probably the weirdest randomizer I've seen so far! Thanks a lot XModxGodX for sharing your discovery! :laugh:


FYI, the URL for FF1 Randomizer has changed, with the release of 1.0 this evening.  :)


Thanks for the heads-up Entroper, and congrats for the symbolic 1.0 release! :beer:

Speaking of Final Fantasy, I also added a playable work-in-progress Final Fantasy IV roguelike randomizer to the list.

Kiyoshi Aman

It may be useful to either sticky this thread or else move the list to the Data Crystal for posterity. Fantastic thread.

EDIT: The Final Fantasy V Ancient Cave hack was uploaded to RHDN last year, so you can link to that rather than the file host archive.