can you teach me how to create bms script to extract this file? ( use quickbms)

Started by james8299, August 27, 2016, 06:12:16 AM

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Help me extract this file: ‚Äč  .Where I can learn to create bms script to extract my own file? This forum zenhax and forum.zenhax  not report to me even I post 3 question.  What all program I will need to create bms script? . How to create bms script for this file?  what all program I will need to start create bms script for extract a game file?


Hello, James-Dedede.
First off - to be clear, you are asking for help here. Be patient. Phrase things positively. Show what effort you've made so far to try to progress by yourself. Those points are part of the rules / getting started section here. It'd be good if you would read them and abide by them.

As for that file. In general, it is good to give context (what game? what platform?) so people can help better.
There's also a rule of a thumb to identify files contents.
#1 - the name of the file may suggest what it is. (File extension or name.) ".bin" doesn't in this case.
#2 - the starting bytes of the file are often a signature of some kind.
For this file, they should mean something to you. And if they don't, you should search for them on the sites you mentioned. 'Cause I know you will find stuff.


If you google 'bms script tutorial' you find the following link:

I assume you have already found that yourself?



I already read it, my friend. That i want is some more tutorial about create bms. One not enough. Can you help me how t create bms script to extract my file. Just my file. i want to see how it is. Can you give me a tutorial!!? like that post? :angel:


The tutorial plus the sample script collection for 2+ dozen games should be sufficient to cobble together an extractor.

What game/platform is this? Does the game have compression? And do you have the format reverse engineered?


Tsk. The 3 first bytes read "CPK". Do we really need to discuss this any further???
I usually help people, but here you have to help yourself understanding what you are talking about.